People i've Been with & Seen in Malaysia

These are some of the photos i came across on my facebook albums coz my PC screen just died, so if you are not in here i'm sorry it means u aint got a photo with me on facebook which might be a good thing or bad which ever way, its all GooD
Anyways lets cut to the chase, introducing my first ever graduation photo, man i remember this day, it was insane i changed my mind at the last minute to go for graduation
Missing the Old days, the last day of our MUFY foundation with the same Gang
The Last outing with all the other gang before monash took over their Lives hehe
Let me see if i still remember their Names ok here we go May-May, Tom, Hazli, Roshida,Shen Hwa, Yoke King, Pam and ME :)

Taking a trip of a lifetime ooh we were on our way to PANGKOR, i need not to mention their names or shud i? ok here we go Mzala wa legodu hehe Oaboloka wa tsotsi, Swetah mosadi wa lelwapa and Papi rra motse, there hope y'aLL can read this

Heading to Langakawi, with the Langkawi gang, hu ever thot i will meet some new pipz, we had fun but something funny happened and at the same time something bad happened. Haha the gang will know wat im talking about *Wink. This was our final Night heading back. These 3 hardcore ladies survived 5 days with the guys, can you believe it? anyways like i said they are hardcore.

The Good all days GenGold camp doing the dance that kills all Asians or shud i say everyone who meets an African? they call it the African dance but it aint African (*I think) next time we have to do the thriller dance tired of the same all routine

Getting ready to get trained, i wonder where is that Abang in Black T-shirt i forgot his name but i think he ddnt forget mine. There were the Good times, too bad i wont be in the same Camp with them anymore under the same organization bt hey, who knows they maybe be with us next time.
Eish i remember this day, One crazy movie outting. I tried posing like a Pimp but that abang With Specs was a bit shy to hold on tite to that Missy  on right there hehehe >>>ooh but the other Abang down there posing like the 80s guy, come on Boago that so 2000nLate. Lolx

Then came this Night with half of the Langkawi gang,damn i remember what happened, my head was spining coz of something red that i drank yeses after 1nhalf years clean and this day ruined my record but now i'm a month OLD hahaha i bet u already got it, ooh it was Terry's Bday the Nigga on my right oops he aint black,who cares he is stil my nigga

On a ferry heading there heading there, the place where the magic happened, don't ask where, come with us next time you will see what i'm talking about

Looking Good :) A friend from College
I told You MJ was alive, if y,All dnt bliv me here is prove, i served him Hot Tea today

My Cousin and I looking fine, i need not say more the picture says it ALL
Right: we rocking the V-con 2009

<<<: the CooL ThatoLents, Me, LadyLyah energizer, ....., Oaitse the diamond seeker, ThatoMorwe the model and Crzie Nnete.

On our way to Perhentian, Elaine, Tom n I --->>>


Ok done now, Genting one crazie night, just went there for a cup of Coffee, damn these guys and we missed our morning classes

Oh about the Avatar, we broke the rules thanks to Ridzwan and Sean, we were not suppose to come that close to the IT

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