Now lets talk modeling

What comes to your mind when U think MODELING?

Yes Naomi Campbell, oh man oh man, look at those legs,lips, body, everything full package

Tyra Banks, its all about the eyes, that's what is like saying and that's what Trya is good at Smizing

Gisele Bundchen --> known for her back, she bents it like nobody's business

So these are some of the world known names in the Modeling Industry, so do you think Batswana have what it takes? Or do you think I set the bar too high,anyways the bar needs to be high to work hard. Lets see if we really got models here Malaysia, we looking for LEGS, EYES, LIPS and BODY as well Killa poses

Ooh by the way, Gemstone model search team passed by Botswana to waste their time, yes, i mean it, 'to waste their time', just take a look at this video #EPICFAIL anyways i trust Wilhelmina Model Management they will groom that Lil one who WoN!!!
Now lets see what Boleh got for us: are u ready for it???
Lets see if the ladies got what it takes to be in the same level, on inline with with those 3 ladies

So you got anything to say about this First model of ours, lets talk about the lips, thick and Juice (✔) check, eyes not yet there, work on them eyes, you should watch ANTM cycle 14 Tyra teaches the girls how to SMIZE that will work. Legs u should see them on the runway, she got some serious runway walk (some i hear from reliable sources) Naomi should watch out if all said its true. Ooh the model's name is Cr Mads. You can check here out on her facebook fan page HERE she tweets as well, follow her at imMadsC to get her twitter updates.

Her name is T-GaL this girl has an unstoppable runway walk, how do i know??? my reliable sources revealed that,who are my sources?? Is it my EYES?? Maybe!!. She walked along side big names in the city of KL, show after show non-stop, funny thing, she aint majoring in ARTS. T-Gal wa nkolota

Now lets see, can she sell your garment (✔) check, fierce LooK (✔), Personality, maybe half check (✔)

Lot Lorah: the young aspiring model born somewhere in the north of Botswana, if not mistaken, ko Bokalaka Hahaha. OK on a seriously tip, this Lil one persuade her modeling dream the minute she landed in Malaysia. She got a personality that our do the others, trust me on that, she sweet talked the S.W.A.G magazine staff to let her be their cover girl... ;p
Check out the picture below,she also managed to work non-stop with a lot of individuals from Biker Boys, to the road shows with MaRinngit and not to forget being featured in the video by Illicit hypnotized. U can check out the previous post
Ok the real deal now, Look at those Lips (✔) yes right on point, eyes round and big empty eyes more work on them, they are weak no story behind them, we wanna see sexiness, sadness, u need to smize gal SMIZEEEEEEE!!!!!

You can check Lot Lorah on her Facebook Fan Page u can get more crazy photos there

There she goes gracing the cover of SWAG --->>>

Follow her on twitter zeLOTLORAH

Stu or Stuwie she came to the industry with a bang in the early 2009, though she has worked some years before, she have proofed that if You have a dream follow it don't let nothing stop you. she worked along side renowned Photographer Mr Yin Tin Fatt. She worked herself to even greater heights, shot in Port Dickson for one of her major shoot.
                                       You can follow her on twitter @stu_nana
Thato Morwe, yes this girl got everything a model can ask for, dark skin (✔) Check, you should see her Jaw line its double check (✔)(✔) SWEET, personality (✔) check. She goes on and on to book Job after job. She graced Local newspaper 'Fashion with Attitude'

<---------------------------- If you think this is not talent, think again coz this girl is turning the tables up-side. This what i call modeling

Slim (✔) Tall (✔) Long legs (✔) she got it all. Her name is Atoh. Former Contestant for the model of the year prize, Did she get it?? NO but man has she worked hard after that. She worked with along side great photographers. One thing, those eyes girl are dead, a work on your face can get you somewhere.

Check her out on facebook Atoh

Her name is Tumani, this girl got what it takes. An aspiring Model, who as well contended for the model of the year award, even though she didn't win the prize, she went along to work with photographer after photographer. Working with Malaysian top magazine editors just to name a few.
Now lets see how she does it: Legs (✔) Height (✔) Body oooh yes (✔). This is some fierce Picture right here
 Wanna see more of her,  Check her out on Facebook Tumani

SEDI its her name, you can see she has been featured in a Bookmark Publishing, S.W.A.G, a magazine that breaks the boundaries.
Take yourself to facebook and check out her profile Sedi Oanthata
She goes by the name Thato, the face might look familiar to Y'All, this is coz she was a contender for the Model of the year Award as well.
Where is she now?? Is she working or not. Oh yes, uptodate she has taken it slow on her modeling focusing in school, so she says.

OK, Now the real staff, Body :(✔) Personality (✔) working the model face, not yet a check that's a challenge there.

Check her out on facebook and read all about here @Thato Mpatane
OK my sources went around in search for models and came across some random models, i don't know their work, Vivian, Gracious and this guy i forgot his name!!
Ok I think I've touched and said enough about the models, if you think you are a model and you not here, it means you got nothing to show or you are a just model by name or u can model but not a model #fullstop.
What ever happened to those guys who won the MODEL OF THE YEAR awards Last year? Aren't we suppose to be seeing them up on the game?? "Beside that, what happened to the LINK AWARDS?' ijo EPICFAIL i thot this was suppose to be an annual event, or maybe they don't understand what annual is,anyways lets keep that for another post. I have to blog about that, When? SOON!!!"
2009 Models of the year should wake up and earn that title, we don't want to regret the decision 'we' made by making you one.

OK guys you have seen them, do you think they have what it takes, like seriously, u be the Judge, tell me all about it on the comment slot... Ooh, before that, let me get you pumped up, just take a look of what i saw on the Gemstone website for their model search thingy
Someone please tell me these were not the models for the competition coz if they were, i'm sorry to say this, FAIL. This is a waste of talent, I bet this guys in Malaysia can do better even those who didn't make it on my cut of models can do better.

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Botswana got talent #fullstop
IF you think im wrong about this you might need to re-check in where ever you came from. Frankly Batswana in Malaysia learn a lot, from nothing to 'somebodies' from scratch to nearly stars. Some model some sing some dance some do event management some im not sure. What i can share with you its musik, now this is insane, the guys here can sing for real well some honestly Tak Boleh (can't), i don't know about the girls but so far Luv Lace and Lady Venow are the first one to stand this side. So Ladies where u at?
If you still think i'm wrong again kego kopela ka pina yaga Amy Winehouse "Rehab"check out the latest video by Green Hole #Superb

First Page a single for the up coming MIX Tape by Mulabisc Productions

This is chunee right here, but a lil of hiccups there, verse 4 gake ifili sente and towards the end its a bit weak but overall CHUNEEE good combo guys
If u think it couldnt get better they brought along another video this time Mulabisc Productions,267 Productions and Mulabisc Productions teamed up on this one, wanna guess which video, take a look for yourself

Illicit Hyponotized high quality video but if i were to rate it in a scale of 1-10 lyrically its 5, performance 6 and video quality can hit a max of 8.5 or 9 not bad for a starter i will say


There is something wrong about this Video but the Flow is all good except the chorus, Lady Venom needs to groom her voice a bit more-all in all OK (thumbs a bit up)

These are some of the videos i came across on YouTube that i thought they don't deserved to be here. I couldn't find some good videos that are posted on Facebook on YouTube, too bad . Man saw some crappy videos posted on YouTube,i didn't want to embarrass the nation by posting them here sorry if you feel offended i bet you prepared for this when u got into the industry

Guys i would just say Pull up your sux, ba bangwe ke pelo fela yago opela, if u really wanna singer go for vocal lessons u can get good ones here in Malaysia #truestory kenale pelo lenna!!!

One thing that im still waiting for its a great Video with some sick Choreography like Bo Chris Brown and Ciara thingy and who said swearing is the way to go in Musik yeses, dont tell me its HipHop i will shut ur mouth with a pantie slap..!!.

Anyways part 2 soon coming wait for it......... its gonna be interesting Ladies u in for it
Stay tuned

Orsen signing off
This head of mine at times it goes crazy a lot, THOTS THOTS THOTS they run through my head non-stop from point A-Z. At times I feel like I’m going crazie
Let me share a bit of what goes on:
At one point in life we get to ask ourselves what’s our purpose in life? Do you think you are here by chance? You could not be in this life-time by now.  Do you ever have a lot of questions going on your mind? If you do, of which I know you have, it is normal.
Search your inner-being to get your inner peace and what you want, everything starts with oneself and from within. In changing you will build good solid relations amongst your surroundings. The simplest, easiest and most challenging question of a life time "who am I?" this doesn’t ask your name, where u from, how old you are, which race, NO NO NO ,it’s  asking  about your inner self.
                               The greatest writer once said ‘arise from your stupor…’ what he meant is that burst away from your comfort zone and seek your true self.
          You might not know it or might not want to agree with me but people around us, are one of the leading forces behind who we are. Lets take Haters for example, they make us grow, we change & act to keep strong, ever wondered why Christina Aguilera said she is stronger???
 2nd, your acquaintances, believe me, these people are one of the people you might take no notice of but they got their way of transforming our lives, making us pull through scary and devastated situations of course they don’t come ahead of your FRIENDS (I mean true friends).
How do you define happiness? Is it going out and being wild for 3days in a row and later go on for the next 20days or more bored and down depressed?
Who is your source of happiness?
What is your source of happiness??

OOH let me not spill everything here, I think a LoT, one day these words of mine are gonna be precious

Signing OFF Orsen-Pepe

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