Botswana Got Talent

Botswana got talent #fullstop
IF you think im wrong about this you might need to re-check in where ever you came from. Frankly Batswana in Malaysia learn a lot, from nothing to 'somebodies' from scratch to nearly stars. Some model some sing some dance some do event management some im not sure. What i can share with you its musik, now this is insane, the guys here can sing for real well some honestly Tak Boleh (can't), i don't know about the girls but so far Luv Lace and Lady Venow are the first one to stand this side. So Ladies where u at?
If you still think i'm wrong again kego kopela ka pina yaga Amy Winehouse "Rehab"check out the latest video by Green Hole #Superb

First Page a single for the up coming MIX Tape by Mulabisc Productions

This is chunee right here, but a lil of hiccups there, verse 4 gake ifili sente and towards the end its a bit weak but overall CHUNEEE good combo guys
If u think it couldnt get better they brought along another video this time Mulabisc Productions,267 Productions and Mulabisc Productions teamed up on this one, wanna guess which video, take a look for yourself

Illicit Hyponotized high quality video but if i were to rate it in a scale of 1-10 lyrically its 5, performance 6 and video quality can hit a max of 8.5 or 9 not bad for a starter i will say


There is something wrong about this Video but the Flow is all good except the chorus, Lady Venom needs to groom her voice a bit more-all in all OK (thumbs a bit up)

These are some of the videos i came across on YouTube that i thought they don't deserved to be here. I couldn't find some good videos that are posted on Facebook on YouTube, too bad . Man saw some crappy videos posted on YouTube,i didn't want to embarrass the nation by posting them here sorry if you feel offended i bet you prepared for this when u got into the industry

Guys i would just say Pull up your sux, ba bangwe ke pelo fela yago opela, if u really wanna singer go for vocal lessons u can get good ones here in Malaysia #truestory kenale pelo lenna!!!

One thing that im still waiting for its a great Video with some sick Choreography like Bo Chris Brown and Ciara thingy and who said swearing is the way to go in Musik yeses, dont tell me its HipHop i will shut ur mouth with a pantie slap..!!.

Anyways part 2 soon coming wait for it......... its gonna be interesting Ladies u in for it
Stay tuned

Orsen signing off

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  1. SOme talent here

  2. actually will bring out the best in Us when there is someone rating and commenting on the quality of work done....i like ur fare judgement....we are growing in terms of quality..hpe the next project will impress you and Batswana out there.