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This head of mine at times it goes crazy a lot, THOTS THOTS THOTS they run through my head non-stop from point A-Z. At times I feel like I’m going crazie
Let me share a bit of what goes on:
At one point in life we get to ask ourselves what’s our purpose in life? Do you think you are here by chance? You could not be in this life-time by now.  Do you ever have a lot of questions going on your mind? If you do, of which I know you have, it is normal.
Search your inner-being to get your inner peace and what you want, everything starts with oneself and from within. In changing you will build good solid relations amongst your surroundings. The simplest, easiest and most challenging question of a life time "who am I?" this doesn’t ask your name, where u from, how old you are, which race, NO NO NO ,it’s  asking  about your inner self.
                               The greatest writer once said ‘arise from your stupor…’ what he meant is that burst away from your comfort zone and seek your true self.
          You might not know it or might not want to agree with me but people around us, are one of the leading forces behind who we are. Lets take Haters for example, they make us grow, we change & act to keep strong, ever wondered why Christina Aguilera said she is stronger???
 2nd, your acquaintances, believe me, these people are one of the people you might take no notice of but they got their way of transforming our lives, making us pull through scary and devastated situations of course they don’t come ahead of your FRIENDS (I mean true friends).
How do you define happiness? Is it going out and being wild for 3days in a row and later go on for the next 20days or more bored and down depressed?
Who is your source of happiness?
What is your source of happiness??

OOH let me not spill everything here, I think a LoT, one day these words of mine are gonna be precious

Signing OFF Orsen-Pepe

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