Botswana got Talent Part 4 (YoutuberS)

Since I figured out a lot of Batswana do facebook and a lot of them don't know a thing about twitter or they know twitter and have accounts but don't know how it works, i thought they will never go further, to my surprise some of them went OOOOONNNNN.
OOh by the way check my twitter homepage Mr Orsen
Anyways, beside them having groups on facebook and wherever website i went on to dig down deep. Yes deeeep, the most popular site which Batswana are familiar with but don't do anything about it, guess what!!!

I found some "talent" man, some real 'talent' right there (i think), but {mogongwe ke pelo fela},some of it its rubbish. Just that they posted on Youtube i blogged about them

Check out this first guy. I dont know this guys but by the looks of that NIVEA behind i will say he is in Malaysia [Boleh]

Haahahaha this one really killed me, the guys who worked on this really got it right the real sobeya Accent for sure MaKasane will know wat im talking about. Famous facebook Video

Ok this one i really dont know why im posting it, is it because this was lame? Maybe. Did the nigga what a minute of fame? Maybe... anyhow im gonna give him 10mins, better than nothing...check it out,ooh check the P-Paine clip that one is kinda AYoba
OK weird and creative, this guys is saying some words that i never say for real ijo Hip Hop Khwaere check the video out, sorry Hip Hoppers

I got a hold of this Guy who demonstrated a sick dance move, oh man i miss High School..

OK this guys got some sick ryhmes, or shud i say sick Lines wateva, MaCheck Check will get what im saying, anyhow, the funny thing is the guy holding on the camera, he keeps squeking (aaah aaah) like something else, Anyhow check it out

Last but not least is this killa tune that every Boleh Motswana knows it, I wondering who it was dedicated to.........
And stop buying menoto ya Jusco

Ok guys this is all I got, some vool clips are on Facebook, too bad i wasnt able to get them, but number one video will be DAISYBED yeses, thats my number for real

Have Your say, what do u think i shud blog about Next? Comment will do

Orsen Pepe (verified account)

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