Botswana Got Talent Part 3 (lets go dancing)

Now the theme is dance, or shud i say Dance ReVoLution
We know Africans are gifted when it comes to dancing, i went on again on a massive hunt on YOUTUBE, this place is full of fun staff, man i saw a lot of staff so a decide to  make the theme DANCE--->> a lil intro will do

Let me not waste time and get to our dancers
The first is the lady by the name Naledi, yes i know her well and she know me well,anyhow check her out she is doing the Kwasa Kwasa dance, heela she really cracked me out wen i saw this

This particular dance is one of my favourite dance,Latin dance. I use to be a ballroom dancer but now im too old for it LOL
Check this out, this is some talent indeed- check more of their videos on their Youtube Page

Ok now you all remember the Link AWARDs right? (of which til now im still wondering where they are!!dilo tsa Batswana) these 3 ladies were part of it, check them out dancing KOKO asking for the votes. Too bad i dont know their names mme i got a problem with the short girl oa ipharasa. PSK people, check it out

Now i bet y'all remember KITSO, yes him so this 3 ladies as well did some chereoraphy to raise some funds for the guy, check them out, i think i know one of them, Tshire lol not me but its Tshire not the sunway one but its Tshire if you know BoTshire u'l know

EARTHQUAKE, do u guys remember my African dream?? ya this guys were in there, but i wonder where they are now Mhhhh anyways check out their Maybe last rehasal together kampo jang. I got to locate this guys,some real talent here going to waste

This next guy danced Kwasa Kwasa again Franco all the way, i dont know the guy, maybe Green Hole Productions can tell us coz the video is from them. Anywys check it out

OK now i ran out of videos on Youtube, if you think u got talent and i didnt include you here, the can only be 2 reasons
1. You dont have talent in my eyes
2. Your videos are not on Youtube
                  so you fail BooooooHo

So i got yet another set of talents lined up, stay tuned

Orsen Pepe (singing out)

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  1. Lol the first video killed me, who is that girl dancing, OMG the earthquake guys can really dance, where are they now??they should get fired up

  2. some of dis videos ive never seen b4...good job son, i like!!!

  3. Thanks Guys, utube is insane people do things there

  4. hahaha,go a binwa hle,so ware who is tht gal wa kwasakwasa,letheka la gagwe , ke mmone sentle,kana gatwe batho ba,ija....mme re tswe mo yone,til i get permission ya puo phaa!!!

  5. hhaaha the Girls is called Naledi, charactera to the core
    gatwe batho ba teng ba rileng??
    bua fela mmua lebe o bua la gagwe