The entertainment industry is now being taken over by underground Kids, i know Y'all familiar with Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber, but have you heard the other up coming young ones, dude Utube has a lot. In this post you gonna be blown away by them. First let me share videos of those 2 Above
The Cool and funny thing is that they teaming up with the big guys, lets check them out
For All u Bieber Haters, continue hating while the Whitey is stashing Mulah in his bank account


Miley Cyrus
She loves doing it all solo


Ever heard of this lil Guy Cody Simpson, no he is not from the Simpson


Selena Gomez & The Scene (Selena is a tripple threat just like Miley) she does her singing with her band The Scene


Jawan Harris

Chris Brown is behind this Kid as his Mentor an All so we better expect somebody good, his lead single is good, already heading for 2million views within 2 weeks, too bad i cant access it at VEVO coz its blocked but here is an audioClick Here to get a Duplicate video

Now its the Jonas Brothers, ladies' Eye candy


David Archuleta-- you might remember him from American idol David vs David final where he made cook sweat at the finale. The kid havent lost touch at all

Charice, this Lil girl got discoverd through Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah just to name a few shows and now she big, her current single is climbing the chats- Too bad VEVO looked the video, how sad is that..

This is not all y'all, i was kinda tired along the way, but this Lil ones got some mad talent and trust me they can sing and all you haters continue hating coz u making them know more coz the more u talk about how u hate them the more u make people watch their videos

OOh one thing just Thot i cud share this Hahaha Naija Boy got himself into trouble with the cops

Anyways Chao
Signing off -- yet again another random post
Orsen Pepe (verified account)
OK u Wanna be On top?? I'm mean the other way round not in a way that some of you be thinking right now!!!
It occurred to me that people want fame is different means,maybe i should run naked in the streets ok KL i will definetely have a lot of twitter followers #I-Think, and my Youtube videos will get more views alongside media attention how cool is that FAME- aaannnyyywhooooo!!!

Have you guys ever heard about this shows American Idols, Idols, X Factor, ____ got Talent, I bet u do and know what im about to talk about *giggle
After watching this video I must say this guys are the reason why The PussyCat Dolls broke up.. YEP Original PCD is so done, talk about a one girl Band(hope u get wat i mean)... PCD should take action

Now lets take it Back to Africa for a while , I bet Y'all know the Fugees (Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean- and this nigga wanna run for presidency,dude continue being a hip hop star n stop messing around and Pras Michel)
Yep, now the Fugees wouldn't definitely wanna hear this remix, I can do a better remix in my shower
Ayways this is a good way to update your smile--Here WE GO u guys need to see this girls work it

After watching the following video one thing i would tell you WANNABES is that when you audition make sure that you sing your Lungs out wITH your eyes are OPEN yes EYES WIDE OPEN if not, this will happen to you, just have a look, this is funny and sad at the same time hahahaha POOR THING, she didnt see it coming
Now this guy has to gimme some of his deep voice this squeaking voice of mine needs a lil of his and he needs a Lil of me, good trade ryt!!??

Beeep Beeeep BeepBeeep Beeeep BeepBeeep Beeeep 
Y'all might be wondering why im BEEPING is coz i ddnt hear a single word what this wannabe who still wanna have a CASSETTE for her debut Album was saying

Now u want me to show you real talent?? This is real talent!!!
DAMN guys i wanted to show you guys one of the greatest audtions by far, i think you all know Susan Boyle, yes that weaird Lady, thats wat i call talent check her out--> Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009
This following videos i had to get low Quality ones coz the good ones are protected, thats one thing i hate about Utube


I really dont know what the heck is this video doing here
Anyways this is one of my Favourite, so you think You can Dance, they are doing the LION king Dance, ooh mind you guys THIS IS NOT THE AFRICAN DANCE, they lying, u wanna see the African dance?? call me 678999212 (dont think im a call guy NO NO NO) yah Dial now, OH the gal carried at the start of the dance is call Zabra and she WON yes she was my favorite

Enough with me talking about other people, im the Number one twitterer you can get, i can tweet i can blog i can sing i can dance i can talk im multi-talented, can u beat that??? yeah-yah
signing out

Orsen Pepe (verified account)
OK i have been observing advertisements going up and down the streets of KL and i was like ooh Ok wats this??what are they bring to us now??
Went to Utube link saw the craziest video AD ever, too bad SONY had to block it few months later coz of some copyright HARD LUCK (u guys shud have known better),the AD was cool thou. Anyhow have a look at how they 'stole' my idea too infact borrowed hehehehe ;) who am I talking about?? have a Look!!!

Now see what i was talking about!!!! (the bottom right picture) I have more wristbands than them, isnt it obvious that I came up with the idea? The minute they make profit i want my share just like what those waka waka guys did to Shakira ..anyways back to the topic and enough on me lying!!!

So it happens that most people are either shy, afraid or think they are too grown for this kinda things,im like Dah guys have u seen the prizes?? for real?? just for walking that runway and testing ur brains to just get a grand prize of almost RM10,000 (cash and other benefits) (better count those zeros after the one) this is insane-- just check it out

Just walking your crazy behind and answering those same all beauty pagent questions can make you a winner yep YOU do it for yourself

I wish i could grab this opportunity, too bad aint open for us (discrimination)

Ladies this is the time to Impress and be an Independent Woman (Destiny's Child Song)

Height aint an issue, like they say "Its beauty with the brains" so give it a try

OK meet the contestants by far (if im not mistaken, havent seen any update yet)

So ladies how about you take a chance i will have a 1in8 opportunity to get the 10gran u feel me 10gran

Now Im calling all Models out there and all the girls with that figure and sexy smile to take a chance, who knows we might be crowning you the queen soon..... I mean like come on guys even if u are not the queen, take a look of what you get as a runner up aint that COOL??
Anyways if you are really interested of which i know you are and its just that you thinking about what people might say, u can hola at the guys responsible for this event happening and do it for YOU not THEM
OOH DATES: i dont know
          VENUE: i dont know

I think all this will be released soon, and about the auditions i think they can make a special arrangement for u if u think its too late
Check out the TEAM @
Click on the red link above and do you thing
OK guys i said enough imma say GO for IT do YOU

Orsen Pepe (verified account)
Grab a chair, sit down and let me pour it all unto your Minute brain of urs
You can go ahead and be Judgemental coz that’s what y'all are good at
But aint gonna hold a Grudge against any, that aint me
CRAP is who you are!!!!

We love blaming it on the tongue, but whose tongue is it??
I bet it’s not mine, not his, not hers but YOURS..!!
Stop playing the Innocent game, just be the DeviL u are when people are not around
Be that wolf in a Sheep Skin, you do it better anyways!!
Your Fake ass is what I don't need at this point in time
Shame is what I see written in your DUMBASS face

Deception is your profession 
Chew whatever words u wanna say coz they as useless as your brain
What comes out of your mouth ss all CRAP
As dry and shallow as this may sound, Disgrace is what you are
What kind of Human Being are you??
I bet you didn't take time to think it through, coz you are soulless being
As Crappy as this might be, you are a piece of CRAP
Eat It
On Your Face!!!!!!

(OK this is just something that i tried to compile) 

Orsen Pepe (verified account)

Signing out
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As y'all know I have been going on and on about this BOTSWANA got talent topic, I have now decided to go on further and this time to bring forth our writers, aspiring individual who i think got potential (maybe maybe not), im not gonna waste time but share their work right away......
If you feel that u could have made it on the list i would say continue feeling the same way coz to me u did not meet my requirement. As the 'wise' usually lie to u... dust yourself and go try somewhere else but not here :) or better still chew it and throw it somewhere else where it belongs ;p hehehe

ooh one thing..If by any chance u got an intention to steal any piece of work posted here,get ready to be sued of the Lil u got

Ok here we go

LOVE,ALCOHOL, SEX AND PARTYING by Oj Taolo (u can call her SWAG Queen)
Love makes me feel drunk,
i can't focus, can't think
um blind
like alcohol it soothes and numbs
my troubled mind, am awake?
is it real?

Alive when it touches,
is how i feel,
my lover,my man, my partner......
on our bed when we lay,
the worlds problems don't matter,
my nails in ur back,
our loving, our panting,
feels like like an aftermath of partying

its addictive,
its uplifting, when its,
blaring, um not standing, am moving, am grooving
its rythms unwind me,
don't stop...
tonight is a good night
dont let this beat stop....

Mirrors? Reflections?Images? by Thabang Dima
Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known 1 Cor, 13:12
Mirrors before u before me!images of smiles sad faces and confused faces,
which is urs &which one is mine?or are we jus one!
images of the past present i wish we cud see those in future...
Images before u before me..
some clean some blurry.
some full of hate some loving.
images filled with disappointing moments that draw from them new teary images filled with pain n hurt!
which image are u?which am i?or mayb urs is mine and mine is urs and his is hers....or hers is his and urs is mine and mine is urs..
Ur image ful of mistakes,sin, disappointments,pain,anger,and hate ...
see ur image reflects me,ur image is me so we are one.
we are the same....
an image of the world as 1 is us....
but if u take my hand and hold ur stand in mirrors before u and me.closer and united an image..
less blurry filled with love,forgiveness,peace,patience and happy image of u and me as 1.
A united image 4 only u know ma mistake and see them better 2 help me litter them away and abondon them
.4there has to be u4 me to love and me 4 u to love.....u cant love when u have no1 to love

.....Reflectionz by Phumi Machao
Lyk bees succulently sucking the honey sweet nectar
I am left empty
Drained...of wat is me
But wat is me without u
You without me...never
HE said..i said..l8r we said
But alas love is insipid
And this love affair we have
Is not a straight line
But a trajectory
A puzzle
This piece fitting into that piece
Fitting into this piece
Lyk that long last sip of water
(Our) love is a thirst
There is no denying it
Truth manufactures a cacophony of bullets
In spoken word and in silence
So i'm leaving u behind
Soaring high
Farther than ur ego
Higher than ur lies
And into sunsets i blended
Into colours i surrendered
To find I
Hidden in a beautiful smile

..voice of an angry stutter.. by Thabang Tsheko

my inner humanity
warm, welcoming,shy but at the same..
my_spirit has the tendensy of boiling beyond fixation
still i am the embodiment in my human form..
always on point and never 2 fake to disapoint ma ancestors
my human nature tolerates bull shit to some point
but wen stretched beyond horizon 
my personality snaps like a ruber band
still i yearn for vengence but its beyond me
for my it is the spirits from withn tht drives me.

Now this is a bit of what i came up with, there is more i know but too bad u didn't make the cut


Orsen Pepe (verified account)