Kids Taking Over the Music Industry

The entertainment industry is now being taken over by underground Kids, i know Y'all familiar with Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber, but have you heard the other up coming young ones, dude Utube has a lot. In this post you gonna be blown away by them. First let me share videos of those 2 Above
The Cool and funny thing is that they teaming up with the big guys, lets check them out
For All u Bieber Haters, continue hating while the Whitey is stashing Mulah in his bank account


Miley Cyrus
She loves doing it all solo


Ever heard of this lil Guy Cody Simpson, no he is not from the Simpson


Selena Gomez & The Scene (Selena is a tripple threat just like Miley) she does her singing with her band The Scene


Jawan Harris

Chris Brown is behind this Kid as his Mentor an All so we better expect somebody good, his lead single is good, already heading for 2million views within 2 weeks, too bad i cant access it at VEVO coz its blocked but here is an audioClick Here to get a Duplicate video

Now its the Jonas Brothers, ladies' Eye candy


David Archuleta-- you might remember him from American idol David vs David final where he made cook sweat at the finale. The kid havent lost touch at all

Charice, this Lil girl got discoverd through Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah just to name a few shows and now she big, her current single is climbing the chats- Too bad VEVO looked the video, how sad is that..

This is not all y'all, i was kinda tired along the way, but this Lil ones got some mad talent and trust me they can sing and all you haters continue hating coz u making them know more coz the more u talk about how u hate them the more u make people watch their videos

OOh one thing just Thot i cud share this Hahaha Naija Boy got himself into trouble with the cops

Anyways Chao
Signing off -- yet again another random post
Orsen Pepe (verified account)

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  1. ...its amazing how these kids got talent.most of us can only dream of having the lives that they have for themselves so far. as amazing as it is, i (personally) cannot help feeling sorry for them. i've been meaning to blog about this here; but guess my friend here got to it 1st, lol. the reason i feel sorry for them, is when do they get to be "normal" kids if they have to grow up into the entertainment industry at such an age? we all know fame & money can wreck havoc to someone's life, so i can imagine how its affecting these kids. its a great that they are doing what they are doing. i wasnt not hating, just asking :)

  2. hahaha You, every time i do something you said you thot about it hahahah liar
    Thanks anyways they really have talent,im even jealous but you guys gonna hear my demo soon haha
    this Kids are ok they shudnt b scared look at what Miley is doing, she doesnt care she goes wild hahaha

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