Miss International Student Malaysia 2010

OK i have been observing advertisements going up and down the streets of KL and i was like ooh Ok wats this??what are they bring to us now??
Went to Utube link saw the craziest video AD ever, too bad SONY had to block it few months later coz of some copyright HARD LUCK (u guys shud have known better),the AD was cool thou. Anyhow have a look at how they 'stole' my idea too infact borrowed hehehehe ;) who am I talking about?? have a Look!!!

Now see what i was talking about!!!! (the bottom right picture) I have more wristbands than them, isnt it obvious that I came up with the idea? The minute they make profit i want my share just like what those waka waka guys did to Shakira ..anyways back to the topic and enough on me lying!!!

So it happens that most people are either shy, afraid or think they are too grown for this kinda things,im like Dah guys have u seen the prizes?? for real?? just for walking that runway and testing ur brains to just get a grand prize of almost RM10,000 (cash and other benefits) (better count those zeros after the one) this is insane-- just check it out

Just walking your crazy behind and answering those same all beauty pagent questions can make you a winner yep YOU do it for yourself

I wish i could grab this opportunity, too bad aint open for us (discrimination)

Ladies this is the time to Impress and be an Independent Woman (Destiny's Child Song)

Height aint an issue, like they say "Its beauty with the brains" so give it a try

OK meet the contestants by far (if im not mistaken, havent seen any update yet)

So ladies how about you take a chance i will have a 1in8 opportunity to get the 10gran u feel me 10gran

Now Im calling all Models out there and all the girls with that figure and sexy smile to take a chance, who knows we might be crowning you the queen soon..... I mean like come on guys even if u are not the queen, take a look of what you get as a runner up aint that COOL??
Anyways if you are really interested of which i know you are and its just that you thinking about what people might say, u can hola at the guys responsible for this event happening and do it for YOU not THEM
OOH DATES: i dont know
          VENUE: i dont know

I think all this will be released soon, and about the auditions i think they can make a special arrangement for u if u think its too late
Check out the TEAM @ www.missinternationalstudent.com
Click on the red link above and do you thing
OK guys i said enough imma say GO for IT do YOU

Orsen Pepe (verified account)

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  1. ...hw do i cntct thm, i wanna grab thos zeros!!

  2. nice! now if only i was in Malaysia

  3. @anonymous go to the link above, the one in Red where it says Miss International Student Malaysia 2010

  4. @CarolMads now this is some crazy staff, fly over and win the 10Gran hehehehe