Sound of An Angry Broken Hearted

Grab a chair, sit down and let me pour it all unto your Minute brain of urs
You can go ahead and be Judgemental coz that’s what y'all are good at
But aint gonna hold a Grudge against any, that aint me
CRAP is who you are!!!!

We love blaming it on the tongue, but whose tongue is it??
I bet it’s not mine, not his, not hers but YOURS..!!
Stop playing the Innocent game, just be the DeviL u are when people are not around
Be that wolf in a Sheep Skin, you do it better anyways!!
Your Fake ass is what I don't need at this point in time
Shame is what I see written in your DUMBASS face

Deception is your profession 
Chew whatever words u wanna say coz they as useless as your brain
What comes out of your mouth ss all CRAP
As dry and shallow as this may sound, Disgrace is what you are
What kind of Human Being are you??
I bet you didn't take time to think it through, coz you are soulless being
As Crappy as this might be, you are a piece of CRAP
Eat It
On Your Face!!!!!!

(OK this is just something that i tried to compile) 

Orsen Pepe (verified account)

Signing out
Mr Orsen Pepe
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  1. dont be so broken hearted... a broken heart can be healed...just it takes time... tc pepe...^.^

  2. im not a broken hearted, just a piece i thought i can write, im trying to get skills in writing.. hehehe

  3. lol.. next time post something happier..^.^

  4. Hahaha, this looks like someone was writing this not in a good mood, but still cool staff

  5. @Veggie, i posted something happier before, this one is not bad also lah come on

    @Anonymous that i dont know- i wasnt pissed just wanted to write and thanks