Wanna Be On TOP???

OK u Wanna be On top?? I'm mean the other way round not in a way that some of you be thinking right now!!!
It occurred to me that people want fame is different means,maybe i should run naked in the streets ok KL i will definetely have a lot of twitter followers #I-Think, and my Youtube videos will get more views alongside media attention how cool is that FAME- aaannnyyywhooooo!!!

Have you guys ever heard about this shows American Idols, Idols, X Factor, ____ got Talent, I bet u do and know what im about to talk about *giggle
After watching this video I must say this guys are the reason why The PussyCat Dolls broke up.. YEP Original PCD is so done, talk about a one girl Band(hope u get wat i mean)... PCD should take action

Now lets take it Back to Africa for a while , I bet Y'all know the Fugees (Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean- and this nigga wanna run for presidency,dude continue being a hip hop star n stop messing around and Pras Michel)
Yep, now the Fugees wouldn't definitely wanna hear this remix, I can do a better remix in my shower
Ayways this is a good way to update your smile--Here WE GO u guys need to see this girls work it

After watching the following video one thing i would tell you WANNABES is that when you audition make sure that you sing your Lungs out wITH your eyes are OPEN yes EYES WIDE OPEN if not, this will happen to you, just have a look, this is funny and sad at the same time hahahaha POOR THING, she didnt see it coming
Now this guy has to gimme some of his deep voice this squeaking voice of mine needs a lil of his and he needs a Lil of me, good trade ryt!!??

Beeep Beeeep BeepBeeep Beeeep BeepBeeep Beeeep 
Y'all might be wondering why im BEEPING is coz i ddnt hear a single word what this wannabe who still wanna have a CASSETTE for her debut Album was saying

Now u want me to show you real talent?? This is real talent!!!
DAMN guys i wanted to show you guys one of the greatest audtions by far, i think you all know Susan Boyle, yes that weaird Lady, thats wat i call talent check her out--> Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009
This following videos i had to get low Quality ones coz the good ones are protected, thats one thing i hate about Utube


I really dont know what the heck is this video doing here
Anyways this is one of my Favourite, so you think You can Dance, they are doing the LION king Dance, ooh mind you guys THIS IS NOT THE AFRICAN DANCE, they lying, u wanna see the African dance?? call me 678999212 (dont think im a call guy NO NO NO) yah Dial now, OH the gal carried at the start of the dance is call Zabra and she WON yes she was my favorite

Enough with me talking about other people, im the Number one twitterer you can get, i can tweet i can blog i can sing i can dance i can talk im multi-talented, can u beat that??? yeah-yah
signing out

Orsen Pepe (verified account)

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