30th September, one of the greatest dates in Botswana History
Happy Independence day BOTSWANA and PULA
since i know i'm not good with words, i figured i could get someone who could do a better job, just take time to peruse on my friend's BOTSALO a.k.a Mr President words of  JOY and GRACE to our country BOTSWANA


My Botswana!
Oh beautiful,thy land
For she prospers in the midst of all
My motherland
A land like no other
ask them from across and they will tell
conspiracies not our diet
for only we live under HIM
His blessings bestowed upon us,we believe
Shinning like Jwaneng gemstones
Las Vegas can testify on her aesthetics
East,West,South and North, they all know
She commands what they cannot command
oh my beautiful land
44 years we witnessed all
challenges tamed like a stubborn cat
development propelled from all corners
empowerment of all became a daily song,
democracy dictated the order of the day
discipline infected us like H1N1
dignity engulfed the masses
And all delivered success
Botswana,my Bechuana!

I cudnt have said it better than he did
PULA PULA PULA ena ko Lims (Malaysia) Batswana betsho, lets all go have fun PLAZA is the place to be....

Orsen Pepe (Verified account)
Can You Spot The Difference??

Don't tell me you can't spot a thing, or do u want me to ask you to spot the SIMILARITIES??
Don't tell me the other one is light in complexion this are hardcore nigros.
I wanna make a comment on this pictures but imma shut coz imma get into trouble like always, so Orsen Shut

So is HT campaigning for presidency?? whose gonna VOTE? Many millions of HHP and Tuks' groupies will do
I bet some are wondering hus HT, dah guys y r u so slow, ever heard of 'Monate wa Gaborone'? 'M.A.U.N'? does it ring a bell? Anyways if you slow you slow can do nothing to help.... Just know that this is not Franco and just know that its not even in line with BoKulenyane..!!
Have you heard this guy SING or shud i say TALK,anyways who cares he stashing them dollars in his FNB account hihihihi (Barclays ke ya bagolo) 
Maybe i shud have a record as well,just talking to the beat just like Soulja Boy 'Pretty Boy SwaG' eish but this Lil guy needs some spanking
Anyhow, Rumor, oops Facebook has it that HT-TAUTONA will be in town (SUNWAY MALAYSIA) so does he have in store for us? as for me i want a Free CD for blogging about him *giggles hope this nigga reads this....

So HT is bring his 2nd studio album (not sure thou) to Malaysia, how is it different from the previous album? Should we expect the same all rhythm as his first ever single or something different this time around?

So MaHungry a boleh lets all support our fellow mrepa and we be the judge re togele go downloader kana re utswa kadi PenDrive

So u wanna get him life, wanna get a chance to be with him on stage and maybe he can give u samthn-samthn *wink imma break it down to you, dont worry aint that bad..

VENUE: Republic (sunway)
DATE:2nd October 9pm til 3am(3rd Oct)
GATE PASS: RM50 (Normal)
RM 80 (VIP)
I'm not sure about this but they say 'AFTER PARTY EXCLUSIVE VIPs ONLY' why discriminate? this is not fair :( do something about it, we all want after party
Anyways this are the people u can Scream at if you want the Tickets and the After-party details, don't go easy on them hehehe!!!
Vero: 0163853896 
Mula: 0146461752 
Thapelo: 0173665120 
Majela: 016689985

Eish dilo tse dire feletsa madi blind, anyways, Come hola at me at REPUBLIC Adios

signing out
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)

Wat comes to mind??
Charming?? Attractiveness?? Infatuating?? seductive?? tantalizing?? mesmerizing?? 
Ok let me cool down imma go to far now...
So its game on, Miss Glamour Pageant 2010 Botswana Independence is this what we have been waiting for?or is it going to be just another 'Malaysian' contest?
Or its gonna be night that we will remember? (good memos)
I bet y'all know that we need to Crown our very own Miss Independence Queen soooon, would she be as glamorous as the title entitles her to be?
Are the girls themselves that Infatuating? or should i say tantalizing? (lol wanted to use the word coz i heard it from Thabiso Nasha) 
Come on people feast your eyes and Guys tame it...
Sneak Peek 
Eye candy ryt!!!!?Yah i know.. This is not all of them, I would have loved to see all of them in a group photo #RedFLaG
Anyways, are u ready to see them all?? Lets have a one on one close up

U READY.....!!!??

       This are your girls people hope i didn't leave anyone coz there arent names on the photos (only on some piks). Do u think they have what it take??
Do you have your number one girl?? Do you see something wrong here?? I do *Hihihi like always

       Now lets get to the real deal, frankly speaking the photographer worked his or her magic,im loving the scenery, quality and style

<----- my favourite creative pic by far, dont get me wrong, im not saying she is my favourite, this pic's creativity is.. but its not a WOW pick thou
This looks like its gonna get hectic for the Judges, thanks Gosh im not, but I already have my top 3 hihihi nope i cant say,hate disappointments,but i got my eye on my QUEEN

         Once again im gonna pose the same question i did in my previous post, Are there any criteria or requirements for Pageants?? or there are exceptions here in Malaysia?? This is what im talking about..... Dont get me wrong im not hating... (concerned blogger)

I don't follow pageants that much but according to my knowledge and I bet a lot of people know this as well, that you can't join more than one pageant at a time
THIS IS WHY: Lets consider a situation where she wins Ms Glam (of which i dont know whether she will or not) since its the first pageant, will she continue with Ms Botswana if she is Ms GLam Queen?? Can a person hold 2 titles at once??
I think something went wrong here, were there auditions?If there were,I bet the most vital question was omitted "Are you by any chance participating in any Pageant?" Answer: Yes. Sorry you cant take part here. That would have been better, simple as P.E.P.E (lol didnt want to use ABC)
 GAL I bet there is still time to Consider which pageant you want to take, like seriously you can forfeit either one, weigh your opinions n work on something ASAP

OK guys, I know this EVENT is for our Botswana Independence but y'all know Where there is a competition there should be something, PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES, Is the queen getting a CAR? TRIP? CONTRACT? Wat are the prizes do y'all wanna know, I bet this girls are not gonna work the runway for nothing. Here are your prizes mmmhhhhhh

Queen: RM 1500 + VIP ticket Mista Doe's Show--> ( when???)
1st Runner up: RM 800 + VIP ticket
2nd Runner up: RM 500 + VIP ticke

Another thing that i want to ask: What will our Queen be doing after she get the crown??any works lined up for her??or she will grab the Prize money, Check out Mista Doe and that will be it?

And for the Likes of me, do you know where and when the girls will the working the Runway and and wats the damage??

Venue: Republic, Sunway Pyramid Mall
Time: September 25 at 7:00pm - September 26 at 4:00am
Ticket: 50 bucks (togelang bongame cheap Lah)

Ohh Ladies SMILES, fierce CATWALK & CONFIDENCE please dont disapoint coz if you do, i will have something to Blog about. Instead Disappoint my BLOG..

If you guys want more info on this u can visit Miss Glamour Pageant 2010 page HERE trust me, the Photos are updated daily and its interesting
Check out the Event Details HERE as well, get your ticket asap
This is one of the events you dont wanna miss

See y'all in Republic 25th Sept, and Ms GLaM guys dont FaiL us, we looking forward to this.......

Orsen Pepe (verified account)
Now let’s talk about Botswana Gurls in Malaysia, yep not California gurls....
OOPSS I meant to say Miss Botswana Malaysia 2010, have u heard about it?? Yah probably u did, I bet on the streets. Do u have any info on it?? I don’t think so, who are the organizers??? I don’t think u know too. I only came to realise after someone with a weird named account sent me a friend request on facebook, too bad he or she didn’t get thru. Bad Move!!!!!

                  Come on guys, I know we all promote on Facebook but how can u promote an event by creating a FACEBOOK Profile?? a fan page or group is much better, I think the person doesn’t know how to use facebook, anyone got a Facebook Manual????
                Anyhow, Ms Botswana Organizers do something about this. Like for real Do something.. have u seen Miss International Student Malaysia?? U can learn a thing or 2 from there...….
                Now let’s get to the contestants, were there any requirements for the contestants?? Ohhk! This is what led me to pose this question....

Amina Khwae representing APIIT Clollege

Changu Same Sebeela representing Royal College of Medicine Perak

Fumwamwana N Lecha Monash University

Gaone Bankgotsi representing APIIT College

Gaone Lame Mothupi representing Multimedia University

Tshephiso Dithologo representing Multimedia University

Abigail Rankgate representing Limkokwing University

Samantha Wedu representing Metropolitan University

Bakang Maureen Letebele representing Multimedia University
THISSSSSSSS!!! yess people, this is it ,what’s going on in the 'Pageants DEPARTMENT', I thot pageant gals are suppose to be tall & a bit skinny or there are exceptions to some requirements here in Malaysia??if so I wanna be the Judge, yah a JUDGE, why? U dnt wanna know.. Besides, this events are always biased, don’t ask wat im talking about coz y'all know who always win.... The popular girls from "somewhere" thou thy don't deserve it.

But guys the prizes are a bit tempting, lets hope u aint messing with these Kids Heads, deliver the prizes, don't give excuses last minute i'm sure u having a good Lawyer

1st:A trip for 2 to Hong Kong Disneyland
2nd:A trip for 2 to Indonesia, Bali
3rd: A trip for 2 to Redang Island
Plus a Photo Portfolio for all

            Finally,the judging system, guys, lets hope u not gonna mess up this event,yep u have a tendency to do that,whoever is to judge the event better be FAIR coz im tired of seeing 'Ugly Queens', in fact 'UGLY BETTYS' called Beauty Queens, no way,we need to redefine Botswana pageants
Im not dissing anyone and im not high,this is some straight up talk
            Don't bore us, and u girls, practice ur catwalk  and SMILES please,we dont want to be embarrased for u or waste our money on u.

Date: 1st October
Venue:One Bangsar 63H-A Jalan Ara Bangasar Baru
Ticket: Solo: rm100

               Couple: rm180 ( tsa bagolo)

Ms Botswana Malaysia here we come

Signing out
Orsen Pepe (verified account) 

Pssstt U, yah U, have u got the latest update on Miss International Student Malaysia 2010?
Let me bring u up to the minute if you havent, im not gonna make nasty comments but just make a decent post, forgive me along the way if say something that causes harm to ur 'number one' gal
Have you seen the girls??
Have you decided on ur QUEEN?? I think i do,I need not say who coz if she disappoints me imma Do her bad, reaaaalll bad #OOPS
OK then, they are saying 'beauty with a cause', lets hope they dont cause infection to your eyes coz they didnt to me
First they were 11 i dont know why the other 5 delayed, anyhow here is the group photo for the 11 Finalist

THIS next one its an awesome picture

now lets get a close up...


This are your FINALISTS people, do you know how to vote?? if you dont know just go to faceboook and search for MISS INTERNATIONAL STUDENT MALAYSIA 2010 or even better CLICK HERE even much better visit the website HERE

Latest info if Y'all dont know, Contestants will be having 

FUTSAL 4 CHARITY event (11th Sept/ Saturday)

go and support them and support their charity, more info HERE

So who do you think got what is takes to devour the other 15 finalist? ?? Leave comment and we shall see

Orsen Pepe (verified account)