HT (from Botswana) for Presidency in Malaysia!!!!

Can You Spot The Difference??

Don't tell me you can't spot a thing, or do u want me to ask you to spot the SIMILARITIES??
Don't tell me the other one is light in complexion this are hardcore nigros.
I wanna make a comment on this pictures but imma shut coz imma get into trouble like always, so Orsen Shut

So is HT campaigning for presidency?? whose gonna VOTE? Many millions of HHP and Tuks' groupies will do
I bet some are wondering hus HT, dah guys y r u so slow, ever heard of 'Monate wa Gaborone'? 'M.A.U.N'? does it ring a bell? Anyways if you slow you slow can do nothing to help.... Just know that this is not Franco and just know that its not even in line with BoKulenyane..!!
Have you heard this guy SING or shud i say TALK,anyways who cares he stashing them dollars in his FNB account hihihihi (Barclays ke ya bagolo) 
Maybe i shud have a record as well,just talking to the beat just like Soulja Boy 'Pretty Boy SwaG' eish but this Lil guy needs some spanking
Anyhow, Rumor, oops Facebook has it that HT-TAUTONA will be in town (SUNWAY MALAYSIA) so does he have in store for us? as for me i want a Free CD for blogging about him *giggles hope this nigga reads this....

So HT is bring his 2nd studio album (not sure thou) to Malaysia, how is it different from the previous album? Should we expect the same all rhythm as his first ever single or something different this time around?

So MaHungry a boleh lets all support our fellow mrepa and we be the judge re togele go downloader kana re utswa kadi PenDrive

So u wanna get him life, wanna get a chance to be with him on stage and maybe he can give u samthn-samthn *wink imma break it down to you, dont worry aint that bad..

VENUE: Republic (sunway)
DATE:2nd October 9pm til 3am(3rd Oct)
GATE PASS: RM50 (Normal)
RM 80 (VIP)
I'm not sure about this but they say 'AFTER PARTY EXCLUSIVE VIPs ONLY' why discriminate? this is not fair :( do something about it, we all want after party
Anyways this are the people u can Scream at if you want the Tickets and the After-party details, don't go easy on them hehehe!!!
Vero: 0163853896 
Mula: 0146461752 
Thapelo: 0173665120 
Majela: 016689985

Eish dilo tse dire feletsa madi blind, anyways, Come hola at me at REPUBLIC Adios

signing out
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)

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  1. ...prsnlly spkin....I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS ke e emetse joh!

  2. @zeLOT maybe u will be one of the stage girls shaking their bhnd for him hehehe

  3. okay... you all over the place are you for or against HT ??? articulate and express yourself better. i believe you could come up with a better composintion.

  4. @anonymous im not in favour of anything,just writing whats on my mind #random,im not taking BACHELORS in writing so im not familiar with coherence of statements as some wil

  5. go and learn some fucken English u twat or shud i say tit.. u r a very rude opinionated asshole hu has things against Botswana kids trying to make a living. U WANKER !! go crawl under a rock n die and stop boring us...

  6. HAHAHA sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side bed today
    this goes out to you
    i knew it wud come in handy someday

  7. u probably have a personal vendata against tshire...go hang urself, he ain goin nowhere u sick shit