Miss Glamour Pageant 2010 Botswana Independence: Should we get excited???

Wat comes to mind??
Charming?? Attractiveness?? Infatuating?? seductive?? tantalizing?? mesmerizing?? 
Ok let me cool down imma go to far now...
So its game on, Miss Glamour Pageant 2010 Botswana Independence is this what we have been waiting for?or is it going to be just another 'Malaysian' contest?
Or its gonna be night that we will remember? (good memos)
I bet y'all know that we need to Crown our very own Miss Independence Queen soooon, would she be as glamorous as the title entitles her to be?
Are the girls themselves that Infatuating? or should i say tantalizing? (lol wanted to use the word coz i heard it from Thabiso Nasha) 
Come on people feast your eyes and Guys tame it...
Sneak Peek 
Eye candy ryt!!!!?Yah i know.. This is not all of them, I would have loved to see all of them in a group photo #RedFLaG
Anyways, are u ready to see them all?? Lets have a one on one close up

U READY.....!!!??

       This are your girls people hope i didn't leave anyone coz there arent names on the photos (only on some piks). Do u think they have what it take??
Do you have your number one girl?? Do you see something wrong here?? I do *Hihihi like always

       Now lets get to the real deal, frankly speaking the photographer worked his or her magic,im loving the scenery, quality and style

<----- my favourite creative pic by far, dont get me wrong, im not saying she is my favourite, this pic's creativity is.. but its not a WOW pick thou
This looks like its gonna get hectic for the Judges, thanks Gosh im not, but I already have my top 3 hihihi nope i cant say,hate disappointments,but i got my eye on my QUEEN

         Once again im gonna pose the same question i did in my previous post, Are there any criteria or requirements for Pageants?? or there are exceptions here in Malaysia?? This is what im talking about..... Dont get me wrong im not hating... (concerned blogger)

I don't follow pageants that much but according to my knowledge and I bet a lot of people know this as well, that you can't join more than one pageant at a time
THIS IS WHY: Lets consider a situation where she wins Ms Glam (of which i dont know whether she will or not) since its the first pageant, will she continue with Ms Botswana if she is Ms GLam Queen?? Can a person hold 2 titles at once??
I think something went wrong here, were there auditions?If there were,I bet the most vital question was omitted "Are you by any chance participating in any Pageant?" Answer: Yes. Sorry you cant take part here. That would have been better, simple as P.E.P.E (lol didnt want to use ABC)
 GAL I bet there is still time to Consider which pageant you want to take, like seriously you can forfeit either one, weigh your opinions n work on something ASAP

OK guys, I know this EVENT is for our Botswana Independence but y'all know Where there is a competition there should be something, PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES, Is the queen getting a CAR? TRIP? CONTRACT? Wat are the prizes do y'all wanna know, I bet this girls are not gonna work the runway for nothing. Here are your prizes mmmhhhhhh

Queen: RM 1500 + VIP ticket Mista Doe's Show--> ( when???)
1st Runner up: RM 800 + VIP ticket
2nd Runner up: RM 500 + VIP ticke

Another thing that i want to ask: What will our Queen be doing after she get the crown??any works lined up for her??or she will grab the Prize money, Check out Mista Doe and that will be it?

And for the Likes of me, do you know where and when the girls will the working the Runway and and wats the damage??

Venue: Republic, Sunway Pyramid Mall
Time: September 25 at 7:00pm - September 26 at 4:00am
Ticket: 50 bucks (togelang bongame cheap Lah)

Ohh Ladies SMILES, fierce CATWALK & CONFIDENCE please dont disapoint coz if you do, i will have something to Blog about. Instead Disappoint my BLOG..

If you guys want more info on this u can visit Miss Glamour Pageant 2010 page HERE trust me, the Photos are updated daily and its interesting
Check out the Event Details HERE as well, get your ticket asap
This is one of the events you dont wanna miss

See y'all in Republic 25th Sept, and Ms GLaM guys dont FaiL us, we looking forward to this.......

Orsen Pepe (verified account)

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  1. Whats with Pageants? are they the trend this year, bathong ako le tsweng ka diIdea tsedi utwalang le togele go tshameka ka batho, i think one pageant is enough and the rest is just a waste of madi a rona

    bathong tswang thuso kako!!!

  2. ke raa hela legale

  3. well frankly i don't see anyhow this 'miss glamor' pageant girls are of a different league as compared to the 'miss botswana malayysia' ones...both pagents are filled with 'thick' girls except for 1 or 2 girls....wel in not in favour of any of the two,ga gona gope ko go kgatlhang teng,banyana ba ba bakima,not that they shud be stick thin mme hela ba ae,

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