OK guys... this update comes at an awkward time.. I'm in the midst of my exams so i figured why not give someone a chance to mess up with my blog, guess who got the privileged... the one and only ________  nope i wont say or else you guys will wanna KiLL..
Anyways this is what has been brought to the table, let see how u guys feel about it

‘Lekgarebe’:what people portray to be as clean as snow, as beautiful as a flower with that attitude that turns them dudes ON, a girl who looks sexy with them FREAK ON DRESS, rocking them 7 inch heels with Kim Kadarshian Smokey eyes and the list goes on.....
If thats what most people say-then why is it that this days everyone is calling themselves that-sometimes someone can put on a sexy dress but goes on to to put the worst accessories ever (who in there rightful senses wears a red dress, black shoes, purple eye shadow, yellow clash, green bangles and pink earrings!!!?) Unless and only if it’s a costume party….of which I’ll still have to question you this: WHAT ARE YOU DRESSED AS!?  please Dont Gaga Me coz u lie Gaga do Meat Dress not Candy Dress
Ladies you turn to abuse the LOOKING GOOD privilege
<------e.g some total FaiL.
Ladies if you wannna go CANDY- a bit of fashion reviewing is advisable
Anyways lets leave to Fashion Police mme JOAN RIVERS!!
FASHION HINT---->  nt bad 4 a starter
Google can Help Ladies
MOVING ON: an issue of late and great concern…just so you know, SHAVING creams aint that expensive -> NOW REMOVE THAT ARMPIT BUSH...
and that forest down there
If you know that you’ll be wearing that strapless top or that ‘sexy’ bikini, be prepared for it…and save us from the humiliation!!
Shames i feel sorry for her ---> 
does she even know she didn't shave- some EPICFAIL
Get Some1 Sweet to buy u shaving cream if u that broke--->

NAILS…I don’t understand why most of the ladies out there always find it hard to care for their nails….if you know that your Nail Polish is old, get rid of it rather than being stuck with maps on your nails mmmh…not AYOBA at all!!
And if you are planning on keeping long nails, file them well and keep them neat.
<---- lol there is also a BUSH

LIPS…most of the ladies like lipgloss (those that can afford it that is…whoever came up with this “can I use your lipgloss” talk has to be tracked down and taught a lesson…not in this era dear we dont want DITATSWA… so ladies IF YOU FEEL YOU WANT SOMETHING, BUY IT YOURSELF…and pliz don’t give us that “I forgot mine at home” excuse....

I know a lot might be against some staff here- I just wanna say to y'all that lets take care of ourselves, Lady Gaga is weird but she takes care of herself, U 2 Got To

signing out
Unknown writer 
(orsen-pepe not to be held liable of the consequences
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267 Media House Production, y'all heard about it?? If not where have you been???
I once  featured them on some of my posts, anyways if you have missed the post don't sweat here they are again getting the FULL Post just for their SHOW 
Meet the crew (sorry for stealing the pik)
267 brings something NEW to Batswana Student Entertainment Industry here in Malaysia
We have seen all sort of ideas from T-Shirt, Singing and some which never got a chance to get much publicity
The 267 guys came up with a totally intelligent IDEA and different from what we have been seeing around, they have set the tables high for some copycats other there and for themselves as well...
The idea is Brilliant and its a Smart move in the BSEI, i don't think there's gonna be anyone who will instantly copy this...
But one thing that i wanna edge the guys is that, don't this just be a one VIDEO shot thing and everything dies, just like what happened to DIAMOND LINK AWARDS, (a brilliant idea that went to waste) I was expecting something this year but eeyy nothing came up

ANYWYS I bet y'all wanna know what Im going on and on about, turn your eyes to this video CLIP, nice staff,give them a coupla more Videos things will turn out perfect (i.e if this goes on n on n on..) (thumbs up)
One thing BATSWANA le seka la KOPA pliz
Here we go Presenting 267 ft OPJ le MIKE in Ma VooM VuuM

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Orsen Pepe (verified account)
Thanks to one of my BLoG followers for telling me not to waste my time on them haters. I also figured ‘what the heck’ haters are going to be there all the time better still let them wither the storm alone. So this post is for all my Peeps.
I really don’t know where to start to show all my gratitude, should I send some PIKS shud I do a video??What can I do to match your support?? Anyways let me start by saying that:
I always get Overwhelmed when you guys take time to read my blog. I’m always challenged to bring something interesting to you guys. Even thou at times I think I’ve published the most Lacklustre post ever you guys always have a way to make it SOUND great, much LOVE.....
Y’all have my back all the time, ur comment assure me of that (i hope thou) ‘I wonder if y’all have my back when them pipz Kick my S out’ You guys are the reason why I’m still blogging, i try by all means not to offend anyone but hey, the truth always turns out SOUR
Giving a Shout out to my Followers in fact my BLoG Fans all the way from the UK, Brazil, Botswana, Msanzi, the US and mostly at the top Malaysia Boleh and where ever you are
 I seriously don’t know what to say but to give all the thanks
ONE thing, I would really love to hear your opinions on my post and IDEAS to my next post or better still if u want to be featured on my blog HOLLA at me, ‘anonymousity’ (if there is such a word) is what imma do to your post...
ThankU ThankU ThankU
Signing out

Orsen Pepe (Verified Account)
Seriously the Title says it all... I know some people are on my S and on my case every day 24/7, i'm the topic of discussion in their daily lives, but eyy... I don't care at least i know i keep Lifeless HomoSapiens entertained
I've been SHUT for sometime and i haven't reacted to the insults that some people say to me.. Oh HI5 to non-haters...
I'm not gonna say names coz i dont wanna direct this to Individuals
First thing is first, if you dont like my Blog dont read it, its as simple as that, why do you have to waste your time clicking on the link then...!? If u do wa yaka u entertained INDIRECTLY .The minute you sit down and read the whole post and later on say im wasting your time it some how STUPID,what do you want me to say to U?? That u are a dumbass?? Maybe....
Ok here are some sad cases:
So some Retard decides to come to my Blog and leave his or her dumb here,i dont know wen he or she gonna pick it up:
'go and learn some fucken English u twat or shud i say tit.. u r a very rude opinionated asshole hu has things against Botswana kids trying to make a living. U WANKER !! go crawl under a rock n die and stop boring us...'
With such comments I got nothing to say SPEECHLESS, just to say i got Moral values, i'm well groomed, and if you are bored once again GET OUT OF MY BLOG as simple are ur big forehead... I dont remember coming to your doorstair and make you read it...

And I further get things like this;
So with staff like this what do you want me to say?i bet we all grew up knowing a say that 'Charity Begins at home' #FACT- bring it home gatwe NGWANA GAA SELE FATSHELO, O TSAYA SUMWHERE'
Fuuny thing the person is taking about being woman or man enough but he or she did have the Guts to say who he or she was when leaving a comment- LAME

If you think it wouldnt get Juicier they went on to discuss me on their Facebook WALLS, Dahhh how LamE is that? what happened to INBOX? I caught some on an intense convo and i was the TOPIC of Discusion.....

Speaker1: hahahaha!!!! kana bone batho ba ba MASWE!! KE BONE BA BA NNANG BALE QUIK GO BUA KA DI LOOKS TSA BATHO yole mosimane gatwe ore tswela kae?? hahahahhahahahahahahaha!!!

Speaker2: yep ba ntse jwalo, always tryna make themselves feel better ka go isa bangwe ko tlase..

Speaker1: mxem!! batswana ka bo ''pull him down syndrome''' hahahahahahhahahahaha!! mare i totally wasnt expectin that waitse....ke santse ke sule ka ditshego tota!
Speaker2: kwakwakwkakwakwakwakwakwakwa!!!!!
wa re twaela mxm.y us?? :(

Speaker1: mxem!! mma waitse ebile ke utlwile ke kgobe ga marapo!!! :-(

Speaker2: go kgobisa marapo mme ebile ga ke mo lese.. nxa

Speaker1: hahahahahhaa!! mare go funny how he took time to write that thing...he is bored!!
This one is funny coz they themsleves took time to talk about me, yet they ask each other where i got the time to talk about them.. dilo tsa Batho ba nale LOW SELF-ESTEEM the time that u guys used to talk about me its the time i used to blog about u.. HAPPY>>!!??

Dont get me started on the Inbox ESSAYS that i was gettting and still getting from people and their Boy Friends.....

To all you Lost SouLs out there,I bet y'all can read that this Blog says ORSEN_PEPE so it belongs to ME, not U so why bother to disturb me on MY blog its not OUR blog its mine, you can get your OWN- anyways Deuces.....
Let me Sign Out Before the VuLtures devour me

Orsen Pepe (verified Account)
Since i BloGGeD about the 3 'major' event that i thot they will turn out good of which some werent,i figured a review wud work much better..
But first of all im a bit disapointed in myself for wasting some of my time Blogging about some events, instead, i shud have just talked about the main event,the major major event that took place in Lims on the 2nd October,anywys lets keep that for another post ( i.e if i have time)
Remember I shared with you about MissGLaM? U have no i what thats about? have a look at THIS <----
To be honest with u i was a bit Skeptical about the event,for real i was but i kept my CooL,with hopes that things would turn out good,of which they turned out eeerrrrhhh OK too bad that i wasnt there to Grace the event myself. However,my Reliable sources told me it wasnt WOW kinda events rather an OK............. event!!!!
Despite some disappointment in the top wateva my Queen emerged, indeed the Queen,no doubt about that. I can stand up tall and shout it to ur faces if u disagree with me,she deserves it big time. 
representing SUNWAY ENGLISH MEDIUM (hihihi) 'Glowed all the way to the top' my sources told me,and i know she did, that Edginess, Flawless  smile and kinda hidden sexiness did the Job, high5 and bow down to her, well done gal u put sunway on the map, bontle botlhe bomo sunway...

And then Comes Miss International Student Malaysia 2010
I wont really say Much coz i wasn't really there and had some 'FloP' sources who cudnt give feedback on the event, Anyways i'm GLAD that my Russia Girl placed and with Kefilwe Representing Botswana All the way
And not forgetting the Queen, congrats but i wondering why this Year Philippines are killing it in the beauty pageant, remember Miss Universe? they came 2nd Now Neesha Ran away with the crown..anyways you go GaL. and GaL this is me campaigning for those cheques, Hola Back...

Now something i wanna ask?? Did Monate wa Gaborone really Turn out to be monate wa KUALA LUMPUR??
Sources close to Mr Orsen told him that 'monate one wa sala ko Gabz' i don't know the Length of the truth to this comment
But i'm wondering if the Guy didn't deliver or was it that people were on another HATE LeveL or they were really  bored
But on another level, i was wondering, how come i did not get to see status like 'Oh wat a night' like when SCAR was here rather getting status of regret not only on facebook but on twitter as well
My reliable Sources went on to state that PARK LOT PIMPN' was the EISH, Fire Burning. Did people forget that HT was doing a Performance kamogare? or the nigga was Out of place??
Anyways, who cares, the Nigga must have stashed Them Bucks coz whether u were ParkLotPimpn' or Inside you were considered to be @ HT's show and you bought the Ticket 
Oh dude (HT), was the money enough to get you another return ticket this side or you never coming back??
Besides from the show, i heard BoMREPA ba Boleh cudnt let the Brother go away without them getting their hands on his VOICE. Heard Most of them wanted to get a Record with him, too bad the nigga had to chus those he thot they had potential, and u undagrounds keep hustling or better still QUIT coz u aint getting a recored with him anytime SOON hihihihi

SEPTEMBER a Month of event
So are we All ready for MISS BOTSWANA??
Slight changes taking place besides me being insulted but who cares


Signing Out
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)