267 goes VooM VuuM

267 Media House Production, y'all heard about it?? If not where have you been???
I once  featured them on some of my posts, anyways if you have missed the post don't sweat here they are again getting the FULL Post just for their SHOW 
Meet the crew (sorry for stealing the pik)
267 brings something NEW to Batswana Student Entertainment Industry here in Malaysia
We have seen all sort of ideas from T-Shirt, Singing and some which never got a chance to get much publicity
The 267 guys came up with a totally intelligent IDEA and different from what we have been seeing around, they have set the tables high for some copycats other there and for themselves as well...
The idea is Brilliant and its a Smart move in the BSEI, i don't think there's gonna be anyone who will instantly copy this...
But one thing that i wanna edge the guys is that, don't this just be a one VIDEO shot thing and everything dies, just like what happened to DIAMOND LINK AWARDS, (a brilliant idea that went to waste) I was expecting something this year but eeyy nothing came up

ANYWYS I bet y'all wanna know what Im going on and on about, turn your eyes to this video CLIP, nice staff,give them a coupla more Videos things will turn out perfect (i.e if this goes on n on n on..) (thumbs up)
One thing BATSWANA le seka la KOPA pliz
Here we go Presenting 267 ft OPJ le MIKE in Ma VooM VuuM

Signing out
Orsen Pepe (verified account)

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  1. eish go bua go a pala golo fa... even the confidence need to be altered for z beta.

  2. @anonymous-i saw that too, they need to work on the presentation skills but loved the idea. something new for a change
    @wennietwo good job indeed

  3. @Anonymous-noted we will surely improve on tht
    @winnie n Orsen we r grateful