Don't GaGa Me, I'm Just Saying?

OK guys... this update comes at an awkward time.. I'm in the midst of my exams so i figured why not give someone a chance to mess up with my blog, guess who got the privileged... the one and only ________  nope i wont say or else you guys will wanna KiLL..
Anyways this is what has been brought to the table, let see how u guys feel about it

‘Lekgarebe’:what people portray to be as clean as snow, as beautiful as a flower with that attitude that turns them dudes ON, a girl who looks sexy with them FREAK ON DRESS, rocking them 7 inch heels with Kim Kadarshian Smokey eyes and the list goes on.....
If thats what most people say-then why is it that this days everyone is calling themselves that-sometimes someone can put on a sexy dress but goes on to to put the worst accessories ever (who in there rightful senses wears a red dress, black shoes, purple eye shadow, yellow clash, green bangles and pink earrings!!!?) Unless and only if it’s a costume party….of which I’ll still have to question you this: WHAT ARE YOU DRESSED AS!?  please Dont Gaga Me coz u lie Gaga do Meat Dress not Candy Dress
Ladies you turn to abuse the LOOKING GOOD privilege
<------e.g some total FaiL.
Ladies if you wannna go CANDY- a bit of fashion reviewing is advisable
Anyways lets leave to Fashion Police mme JOAN RIVERS!!
FASHION HINT---->  nt bad 4 a starter
Google can Help Ladies
MOVING ON: an issue of late and great concern…just so you know, SHAVING creams aint that expensive -> NOW REMOVE THAT ARMPIT BUSH...
and that forest down there
If you know that you’ll be wearing that strapless top or that ‘sexy’ bikini, be prepared for it…and save us from the humiliation!!
Shames i feel sorry for her ---> 
does she even know she didn't shave- some EPICFAIL
Get Some1 Sweet to buy u shaving cream if u that broke--->

NAILS…I don’t understand why most of the ladies out there always find it hard to care for their nails….if you know that your Nail Polish is old, get rid of it rather than being stuck with maps on your nails mmmh…not AYOBA at all!!
And if you are planning on keeping long nails, file them well and keep them neat.
<---- lol there is also a BUSH

LIPS…most of the ladies like lipgloss (those that can afford it that is…whoever came up with this “can I use your lipgloss” talk has to be tracked down and taught a lesson…not in this era dear we dont want DITATSWA… so ladies IF YOU FEEL YOU WANT SOMETHING, BUY IT YOURSELF…and pliz don’t give us that “I forgot mine at home” excuse....

I know a lot might be against some staff here- I just wanna say to y'all that lets take care of ourselves, Lady Gaga is weird but she takes care of herself, U 2 Got To

signing out
Unknown writer 
(orsen-pepe not to be held liable of the consequences
Verified account

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  1. finally someone spoke up about shaving,,, MyGosh!!

  2. eewww mavela sisness
    but the girl wa dinail got nice Boobs

  3. o ta re tshabisa go apara di top hahah

  4. u are not suppose to be afraid to wear them, its just that i need to check whether everything its in Order

  5. LOL@ the body hair comment...Now now Orsen...that is mean...lmaooo...You know funnily enough I just did an article on that called "To Shave or Not to Shave? A Woman's Dilemma."
    I guess it's safe to say I know your position on that...lmaooo...
    Was following you on your other blog. Got so follow on this as well. Hope you're well hon!
    Oh the shaving article is here

  6. @TheDuchesne
    this is not mean, just thot i could share just like u did, Moniques' one was funny
    which Blog??i now have one blog, i have long disowned the first one coz i messed it up-but transfered everything here

  7. hi have already followed u. You have a nice blogs...

  8. aaaaaaaaaahahahahahhahahah...u are mean!! u a serious meaner Orsen!!

  9. mxem..fagget assing..o boregile

  10. hahaahahahahah! shee! hae utlwang..ka di glove tsa sunway! hahahahhaha!

  11. bona rra wee plisss remove ma foto from ths thing of urs...go mo ke lenyatso hela..
    nxla ..dio tse dia wonder u confused bout ur sex ...rona mme we try by al means to respect ur abnormality u fagget assing..


  12. bluddy fool...dio REMOVE ma foto from ths thing of urs...
    stop lukn a popularity ka nna u ass fucker, talkn bout fashion n shiit bt luk at u..o tlhakathlakane hela...nxla..
    sethodi ke wena..ass licking bitch!!!


  13. Thanks i know its not a compliment
    but ey, free country freedom of speech