The Queens Against 'Tautona' HT

Since i BloGGeD about the 3 'major' event that i thot they will turn out good of which some werent,i figured a review wud work much better..
But first of all im a bit disapointed in myself for wasting some of my time Blogging about some events, instead, i shud have just talked about the main event,the major major event that took place in Lims on the 2nd October,anywys lets keep that for another post ( i.e if i have time)
Remember I shared with you about MissGLaM? U have no i what thats about? have a look at THIS <----
To be honest with u i was a bit Skeptical about the event,for real i was but i kept my CooL,with hopes that things would turn out good,of which they turned out eeerrrrhhh OK too bad that i wasnt there to Grace the event myself. However,my Reliable sources told me it wasnt WOW kinda events rather an OK............. event!!!!
Despite some disappointment in the top wateva my Queen emerged, indeed the Queen,no doubt about that. I can stand up tall and shout it to ur faces if u disagree with me,she deserves it big time. 
representing SUNWAY ENGLISH MEDIUM (hihihi) 'Glowed all the way to the top' my sources told me,and i know she did, that Edginess, Flawless  smile and kinda hidden sexiness did the Job, high5 and bow down to her, well done gal u put sunway on the map, bontle botlhe bomo sunway...

And then Comes Miss International Student Malaysia 2010
I wont really say Much coz i wasn't really there and had some 'FloP' sources who cudnt give feedback on the event, Anyways i'm GLAD that my Russia Girl placed and with Kefilwe Representing Botswana All the way
And not forgetting the Queen, congrats but i wondering why this Year Philippines are killing it in the beauty pageant, remember Miss Universe? they came 2nd Now Neesha Ran away with the crown..anyways you go GaL. and GaL this is me campaigning for those cheques, Hola Back...

Now something i wanna ask?? Did Monate wa Gaborone really Turn out to be monate wa KUALA LUMPUR??
Sources close to Mr Orsen told him that 'monate one wa sala ko Gabz' i don't know the Length of the truth to this comment
But i'm wondering if the Guy didn't deliver or was it that people were on another HATE LeveL or they were really  bored
But on another level, i was wondering, how come i did not get to see status like 'Oh wat a night' like when SCAR was here rather getting status of regret not only on facebook but on twitter as well
My reliable Sources went on to state that PARK LOT PIMPN' was the EISH, Fire Burning. Did people forget that HT was doing a Performance kamogare? or the nigga was Out of place??
Anyways, who cares, the Nigga must have stashed Them Bucks coz whether u were ParkLotPimpn' or Inside you were considered to be @ HT's show and you bought the Ticket 
Oh dude (HT), was the money enough to get you another return ticket this side or you never coming back??
Besides from the show, i heard BoMREPA ba Boleh cudnt let the Brother go away without them getting their hands on his VOICE. Heard Most of them wanted to get a Record with him, too bad the nigga had to chus those he thot they had potential, and u undagrounds keep hustling or better still QUIT coz u aint getting a recored with him anytime SOON hihihihi

SEPTEMBER a Month of event
So are we All ready for MISS BOTSWANA??
Slight changes taking place besides me being insulted but who cares


Signing Out
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)

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  1. Yimmiwiiiii.....!!

  2. once more...Truth is told...ur sources never disappoint pepe..and do look out for HT's new tracks with our local boys....4 tracks to be exact...and a video has been shot already..productive weekend it was...

  3. hahahahahahahaha,,, u Pep-Dawg,,, u alwys kill me man,,, bae "monate ne wa sala ko Gaborone"... hahahahahaha,,, u shud do ths professionally..