Remember: this is just my opinion and if u Get pissed, Get Lost. U wanna be famous or a celeb? Guess wat?u got a price to pay and I’m inclusive in the price... People like me would wanna know what u did what u doing what u wanna do, who u wanna do who u did and who we think u shud do and all the Dos we want and think you should  fufil coz after all we are the ones who are making you famous ur pay cheque is on Us

Anyways the reason why I’m bragging about being famous is because there is something that has been bothering me about Botswana Music Videos. I just wanna raise my own opinion... First of all i don’t wanna lie, Botswana Music Videos in Malaysian are way better than those in Botswana,so them nigros back home better step up their game, the quality here is Amazing and the creativity is getting there as compared to Back home..
The number one Problem with the videos is the FASHION & STYLE, ooh man these guys lack some sense of fashion and style in them videos as well as choreography-Yeses…. People dress up like they are going to College (like HOOD college) in music videos, do u think that will catch our attention? I don’t think so…
More-over,the make-up, ladies ur make up need to be On-Point, don’t just go in there with an oily face Nope that aint interest.
As for the Vibe tunes, (ke raya ba kwaito le dikwasakwasa) people are always scattered in them videos, everybody dancing here and there and doing the very same boring dance style recurrently.., Step up your game in that area, I’m getting bored...
And one very Important thing, the VIDEO EXTRAS yeses that’s something that bothers me more, u need attractive, desirable people, Hot and Sexy, appealing us,not every Jack and Jill that wanna be featured NO man NO that aint Ayoba
Ladies, not that I’m comparing u to the ladies in the states (Of which obviously i am) but I got to say this, Riri, Ciara, Keri n others, try by all means to look incredibly gorgeous in their videos, what makes u think u can’t do the same??? 
One other thing, if ur choreography is eye-catching we will wanna see ur videos even thou ur music sux, take Ciara for example, dancing makes me love her more but her music sometimes it’s a disaster
Finally boMrepa, being too much of Lechekchek is so 90s, dress Less, it’s the new Trend, rings, necklace, gold teeth….!! no man that’s some 90s swag not even close to rural swag…

enough said
Signing out
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)
I know most of us love FACEBOOK and those who really can’t do without it yes I’m talking about Addicts (I know I aint 1) Facebook Chat, Inbox, photos comments and all that’s what keeps people tuned on to FACEBOOK
However Nowadays it’s like facebook is losing value and its making people look like puppets, it does things without consulting people who make it happen (atleast an effort wont hurt) things like, see friendship, like friendship, changing the font and some staff without even having a POLL to ask us mxm

Ok I know a lot of people who go on FacebooK go for Photo updates, so we could laugh admire and do wateva (steal some :p) and stalk our own crushes, (my aunt once told me she wanted to facebook just for my photos that’s some cannot TAK BOLEH)
One thing that annoys me is some FacebooK Albums, there are Boooring. A person can have album names like Me, I, Myself, Mie, Me myself & I,solo (in tswana, Nna,  MiMi in swahili) and u name it. One things that entice the bore is the fact that in each albums u'l see that same all person over and over especially when he or she is single LOL, 100s of ‘me’ in those album, aint that a bore. If u are not desirable i.e u not 'Hot' ur pix wil be mind-numbing....!

Beside the me myself and I album, is the albums that have 1000s of pic and none of it got u on it and to top things of, u are the one who requested to be Friends, thats not so CooL, work on that People, Deactivating your account can be the first step Hahaha

Anyways just dropping by here to bore y'all
guess what

Signing out
Orsen Pepe (verified account)
Remember those golden days when people use to say something-something dot com and we will all look at each other's Blunt faces and pretend as if no one heard it? Who would have thought we will be saying that as well and having accounts with them.... wwwDotpepeDotCoM.. soon after that we were called DotCom Kidz (bana badi dot com-DonB)
Who doesn't know Facebook? (unless u in kajikau) yes its a dot com, and many of us hold accounts with it, so is Myspace, Twitter, and others...
OK moving on, do u know that we (Batswana) have their very own 'facebook'? Yes we do, we have our own DoTCom, have you seen this LoGo before?
Yes People u gueessed it right its EsvareeDOTcom, the 2009 best Social Network at the Link Diamonds Awards, by the way it is the only Botswana social network (so far) so there were not contenders for the title (by the way, what happened to Link Diamonds Awards? #FAIL)
To be brutally Honest about this, at first i was a bit skeptical and didn't like the site, it was back then in the early 2009 coz i was a facebooker, and i didn't understand whats up with it but eventually We got along very well..
In the late 2008, 3 guys came up with a concept of which til now they still believe its elevating Botswana and Batswana's perception in whatever way possible...
Wanna know The trio? All hailing from the North Kalanga Nation
Lets meet the Bois
Frank Oteng all the way from Tsamaya in his early 20s pursuing Graphic Design course in Limkokwing University (Malaysia) and ladies if my sources are right, he's taken so dont waste ur time hitting on him

Then comes Opelo July aka OPJ (and who doesn't know him lol) also hailing form the north in Makaleng,a student in MultiMedia University (which is rumoured to be changing to University Telekom Sdn Bhd) specializing in Data communication and Networking. He is also taken and maybe we are about to hear wedding bells soon. Abang oska tshameka

Lastly is Tefo Ketshwarakgolea also hailing from the north Paje in his ealry 20s as well studying in Tenaga University in Kajang
sorry my guy i dont know gore amme wena o tserwe kana jang

Anyways, thats the TRIO, have they come up with this  idea at the right time? Is Botswana ready?
According to me we are ready,most of Batswana are now into social networks and have an idea of what the internet and they know their way around, Welcome to Information age People."FOR REAL"as they say Esvaree means have been developed to touch nations and let the world connect (especially Batswana) not only to visit each others profiles and laugh at 'LOLable' pictures but to share and discuss about Vital issues that affect them. A benefit for the guys was for them to enhance and make use of the skills they are acquiring from their field of study..

Guys Esvaree is yet to go HUGE with approximately 3000 members to-date. Y'all remember how facebook started? Thats how esvaree has started (kinda), take advantage of it as an early bird and do whatever it takes, as for me, I have an account and managed to get featured on the site on the entertainment side too, how COOL is that... catch

© Orsen-Pepe's Sturdy Intuition ® there esvareDOTcom

Not only did the guys concentrate on the Site, they also took advantage of their site popularity to have merchandise like T-shirts, i Bet u seen the T-Shirts around town with a print esvareDotcom
Guys sign up and Support Local Talent, our very own  'Mark ZuckerbergS' Esvaree 

Sorry Guys for the MisRep that i did, it always happens, thanks for understanding

Signing out
Orsen Pepe (Verifies account)

She is Only 22 and she is from SEBINA currently in Malaysia. She is taking Malaysia by storm, she has turned the media inside out, changed Batswana’s (in Botswana) perception about Malaysia. Y’aLL might still be wondering who’s she? Have you recently heard any bad news in Botswana from Malaysia? (If you did I’m wondering how I missed that)
I’m only getting good news.. Anyways, does this picture below refresh your memory of who I’m talking about? 

Yes people, if u squint on the articles u’ll see her name is Neo Ndiye Magudu, a 1st year Limkokwing University student pursuing Bachelors of Journalism and Public Relations
A born leader who spent most of her life in the North, took time to share with me her journey through her life TIL landin a Slot in Mmegi. This is what she had to say:

A lot of people say am over confident, I believe I’m brilliant, believe in myself and strive to archive my dreams. I grew up in a single parented family and that somehow gave me the LADY POWER as I watched my mum fall and rise over the years. And I thank my mum for she brought up a star and a fighter.
I like conversing in anyway, discussing, debating, defending but above all I love WRITING. Writing for Mmegi Newspaper did not come over night, it started as an idea we discussed with a friend Tumisang Warona Mapotsane as a way of improving our skills of being the future journalists and so I followed the idea with the help of Mothusi Jowawa (senior Journalist/Reporter Mmegi Youth News) who has been holding my hand from the first step in May 2010 and guiding me till date. For now I write articles concerning Batswana students in Malaysia. These articles are published in the Mmegi Youth News Sector every Friday as long as I deliver. 

         She went on to state that the journey wasn’t easy, even getting her first article published, she had to sweat. She didn’t mind it thou coz its part of her Success Journey.
7 articles published to date (one of it feature my Blog n ME)  and she is still going strong, and who knows you might see her on your screens soon making use of her Public Relations Skills
Whoever said Limkokwing was wack better think again
Lets be Frank people, all the article that she did are ON Point and they are really giving us good reviews. Have u seen her recent Article on MissBotswana Malaysia? Its great, nope totally different from my Previous post..
Before we summed up our lil chat i asked her to share some few words and give thanks to the people... funny thing she stated thanking mmegi ' Thanx to Mmegi staff for allowing me to pave my path.'
and further said :
All i can say is, what you do today determines the future so do not make your decisions based on yesterday for its past but rather tommorow for its the future, do what is right for you and do not let anyone bring you down. Keep buying Mmegi Newspaper and get to know and keep up with what we do in Malaysia by reading my articles
I think we've said enough and she said it Like a True journalist. We are seeing a FUTURE high CLASS JOURNALIST here...
If you got anything to say, or maybe give her words of encouragement or better still ideas on what to write about, leave a comment and she will definitely see and respond to them (not a guarantee that she will use your ideas)

Signing out
Orsen Pepe (verified Account)