I know its Just FacebooK

I know most of us love FACEBOOK and those who really can’t do without it yes I’m talking about Addicts (I know I aint 1) Facebook Chat, Inbox, photos comments and all that’s what keeps people tuned on to FACEBOOK
However Nowadays it’s like facebook is losing value and its making people look like puppets, it does things without consulting people who make it happen (atleast an effort wont hurt) things like, see friendship, like friendship, changing the font and some staff without even having a POLL to ask us mxm

Ok I know a lot of people who go on FacebooK go for Photo updates, so we could laugh admire and do wateva (steal some :p) and stalk our own crushes, (my aunt once told me she wanted to facebook just for my photos that’s some cannot TAK BOLEH)
One thing that annoys me is some FacebooK Albums, there are Boooring. A person can have album names like Me, I, Myself, Mie, Me myself & I,solo (in tswana, Nna,  MiMi in swahili) and u name it. One things that entice the bore is the fact that in each albums u'l see that same all person over and over especially when he or she is single LOL, 100s of ‘me’ in those album, aint that a bore. If u are not desirable i.e u not 'Hot' ur pix wil be mind-numbing....!

Beside the me myself and I album, is the albums that have 1000s of pic and none of it got u on it and to top things of, u are the one who requested to be Friends, thats not so CooL, work on that People, Deactivating your account can be the first step Hahaha

Anyways just dropping by here to bore y'all
guess what

Signing out
Orsen Pepe (verified account)

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  1. hahahahhahaha!!! i feel you left some important and annoying stuff...lol

  2. eng tota neh monna OPJ, kana this days the tshaba go betswa ahahaha