Meet Our Very Own DoTCoM Trio

Remember those golden days when people use to say something-something dot com and we will all look at each other's Blunt faces and pretend as if no one heard it? Who would have thought we will be saying that as well and having accounts with them.... wwwDotpepeDotCoM.. soon after that we were called DotCom Kidz (bana badi dot com-DonB)
Who doesn't know Facebook? (unless u in kajikau) yes its a dot com, and many of us hold accounts with it, so is Myspace, Twitter, and others...
OK moving on, do u know that we (Batswana) have their very own 'facebook'? Yes we do, we have our own DoTCom, have you seen this LoGo before?
Yes People u gueessed it right its EsvareeDOTcom, the 2009 best Social Network at the Link Diamonds Awards, by the way it is the only Botswana social network (so far) so there were not contenders for the title (by the way, what happened to Link Diamonds Awards? #FAIL)
To be brutally Honest about this, at first i was a bit skeptical and didn't like the site, it was back then in the early 2009 coz i was a facebooker, and i didn't understand whats up with it but eventually We got along very well..
In the late 2008, 3 guys came up with a concept of which til now they still believe its elevating Botswana and Batswana's perception in whatever way possible...
Wanna know The trio? All hailing from the North Kalanga Nation
Lets meet the Bois
Frank Oteng all the way from Tsamaya in his early 20s pursuing Graphic Design course in Limkokwing University (Malaysia) and ladies if my sources are right, he's taken so dont waste ur time hitting on him

Then comes Opelo July aka OPJ (and who doesn't know him lol) also hailing form the north in Makaleng,a student in MultiMedia University (which is rumoured to be changing to University Telekom Sdn Bhd) specializing in Data communication and Networking. He is also taken and maybe we are about to hear wedding bells soon. Abang oska tshameka

Lastly is Tefo Ketshwarakgolea also hailing from the north Paje in his ealry 20s as well studying in Tenaga University in Kajang
sorry my guy i dont know gore amme wena o tserwe kana jang

Anyways, thats the TRIO, have they come up with this  idea at the right time? Is Botswana ready?
According to me we are ready,most of Batswana are now into social networks and have an idea of what the internet and they know their way around, Welcome to Information age People."FOR REAL"as they say Esvaree means have been developed to touch nations and let the world connect (especially Batswana) not only to visit each others profiles and laugh at 'LOLable' pictures but to share and discuss about Vital issues that affect them. A benefit for the guys was for them to enhance and make use of the skills they are acquiring from their field of study..

Guys Esvaree is yet to go HUGE with approximately 3000 members to-date. Y'all remember how facebook started? Thats how esvaree has started (kinda), take advantage of it as an early bird and do whatever it takes, as for me, I have an account and managed to get featured on the site on the entertainment side too, how COOL is that... catch

© Orsen-Pepe's Sturdy Intuition ® there esvareDOTcom

Not only did the guys concentrate on the Site, they also took advantage of their site popularity to have merchandise like T-shirts, i Bet u seen the T-Shirts around town with a print esvareDotcom
Guys sign up and Support Local Talent, our very own  'Mark ZuckerbergS' Esvaree 

Sorry Guys for the MisRep that i did, it always happens, thanks for understanding

Signing out
Orsen Pepe (Verifies account)

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  1. hehehehehe, you one hell of a crazy dude!! thanks for posting this bigguy!! much appreciated

  2. much apreciated ma guy ..thanx for dat !!! hahaah 1.

  3. U welcome Guys thanks for checking out