Your Sense of StyLe Needs N UpGrade!!

Remember: this is just my opinion and if u Get pissed, Get Lost. U wanna be famous or a celeb? Guess wat?u got a price to pay and I’m inclusive in the price... People like me would wanna know what u did what u doing what u wanna do, who u wanna do who u did and who we think u shud do and all the Dos we want and think you should  fufil coz after all we are the ones who are making you famous ur pay cheque is on Us

Anyways the reason why I’m bragging about being famous is because there is something that has been bothering me about Botswana Music Videos. I just wanna raise my own opinion... First of all i don’t wanna lie, Botswana Music Videos in Malaysian are way better than those in Botswana,so them nigros back home better step up their game, the quality here is Amazing and the creativity is getting there as compared to Back home..
The number one Problem with the videos is the FASHION & STYLE, ooh man these guys lack some sense of fashion and style in them videos as well as choreography-Yeses…. People dress up like they are going to College (like HOOD college) in music videos, do u think that will catch our attention? I don’t think so…
More-over,the make-up, ladies ur make up need to be On-Point, don’t just go in there with an oily face Nope that aint interest.
As for the Vibe tunes, (ke raya ba kwaito le dikwasakwasa) people are always scattered in them videos, everybody dancing here and there and doing the very same boring dance style recurrently.., Step up your game in that area, I’m getting bored...
And one very Important thing, the VIDEO EXTRAS yeses that’s something that bothers me more, u need attractive, desirable people, Hot and Sexy, appealing us,not every Jack and Jill that wanna be featured NO man NO that aint Ayoba
Ladies, not that I’m comparing u to the ladies in the states (Of which obviously i am) but I got to say this, Riri, Ciara, Keri n others, try by all means to look incredibly gorgeous in their videos, what makes u think u can’t do the same??? 
One other thing, if ur choreography is eye-catching we will wanna see ur videos even thou ur music sux, take Ciara for example, dancing makes me love her more but her music sometimes it’s a disaster
Finally boMrepa, being too much of Lechekchek is so 90s, dress Less, it’s the new Trend, rings, necklace, gold teeth….!! no man that’s some 90s swag not even close to rural swag…

enough said
Signing out
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)

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