So few days before Christmas, what does this really mean to u?? 
Is this yet another day wen u get waste? 
or another time of the year when u can ask for more presents again? 
Or it’s just one of those days u know it’s a holiday? 

As for me it’s a day where I get to be thankful to God who gave Mary a loving Son Jesus Christ who came to deliver us from all the struggles we faced.
This is the time of the year where we all gotta be happy and jolly, being free and sharing our happiness with people surrounding us.

So with that I made a video of me signing Joy To the world hahaha, I was Off Tune but damn who cares I was having fun thot I cud share with u guys... Enjoy

Just taking this time to Thank my BLoG fans u guys are the best
© Orsen-Pepe's Sturdy Intuition ®
is still going strong because of u Merry Christmas y'all 
Much Love  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
For all who gonna be drinking during this festive holiday go ahead but dont forget ur wear a 'RAINCOAT'

Signing out
Officially Krazie Tm

Orsen Pepe  (verified account)
IT'S A HE......YES he is In Malaysia and just dropped his First Ever MixTape... Any CLUE??
Ok another hint CatchPhrase:from one of his songs--> 'My girl Beautiful ur girl mmh' If you are still lost I'm sorry but u'l have to continue reading [of which u are gonna do anyway]
Y'all might be wondering "Who this nigga b?" if y'all ddnt know he my BOY Y'aLL, now u know.. my Home Boy eksay.. so why do I have to make a buzz about him?? coz his my boy get it!!!! hihihi
Anyways on a serious note, this guy has always had a Dream i thot he was kidding wen he said ONE DAY he will drop his album. I once laughed at his OLD HardCover (Book) with 100s of songs that he wrote, I think he still has it here in Boleh somewhere under his matress. I bet some of the tunes are in his MixTape..If Not, waste of HARDCOVER pages hahaha
y'all might have heard him in the 'hit' single Mahungry.. yeses my boy Killed his Verse with other Mrepas and they all murdered that song, and now Mahungry is a Household name.. Is my BOY gonna be a Household name too???U be the Judge and Decide...!!

Check Out his official Single and his first ever Musik Video from His first ever MixTape here in Malaysia representing Kalanga Nation GhettoFabulous, lets Check it out Before I go at it...

Yes His Name is KasiBoi Coke wa Kokaine
OK first thing is First, I think the video is CatchyHigh Quality and those Graffiti and the buildings made it for me #ThumbsUP its bright and worth watching the SCENERY WAS GREAT , HOWEVER something went wrong while editing, this messed up the whole video-Damn, if the editing was on point the video could have high ratings from me
The Flow is sick and the guys well dressed, therefore an Average of 6.5/10 for this video will do, and thats not bad for a first TIMER
Moving on have u guys listend to the MIXTAPE? damn its WORTH listening to,seriously
i got my favourite tunes
My Top 5
1.Tswana Gangstar ---> Listen Here  <-- this one definitely needs to get AirPlay serious
2.My girl---> Listen Here
3.Big body Benzes---> Listen Here
4.Stick up kids----> Listen Here
5.B O B---> Listen Here
Thou this is not KasiBoi him self i loved this piece as weLL Remember Me'when am gone--> Listen  Strata Boi *Ithink
U wanna Dance to KasiBoi's Tunes this festive download his MixTape FREEEEE KasiBoi OLD SKUL
On Average i will rate the MixTape 7/10 worth listening to, If it was being sold it was gonna be worth Buying, still, its worth Downloading its for FREE
Anyways KasiBoi has done it, COME HARDER than this next time, cant wait to check out ore of his videos and People lets Support
Re Kopa Airplay ko Botswana O'Neil are u Listening? 

Signing out
Orsen Pepe (Verified Account)
Ooook where have I been all this time?? Why wasn't I informed about this video? I mean like this guys is sick,Real SICK, I don't even have anything to say- SPEECHLESS  yes the nigga is insane
Trust me soon as you hear this u'l know that KWAITO aint dead as, KWAITO is StiLL so alive,so so ALIVE- Ziggy Zek is living the Kwaito Life in Malaysia
Before I give my view on this let me Introduce the one and only Black A.k.a Ziggy Zek

Now here is my take:
This Guy owned this TUNE seriously, and the video itself is CrazY, looks more Ghetto, but believe me people, it was shot here in Malaysia BOLEH
However, one more thing i gotta say: maGang, u need some serious DancE MoveS if u are to be featured in some video next time...
Viewers, Readers, FaNs, everyone, this is a tune, Mapetla gotta step up his game if he wanna match our very own ZEK.. yes this nigga is on another LeveL he on FIRE
We need some Airplay Botswana Media are u listening???? We need some Airplay, this is something that BOTSWANA gotta hear on the RADIO big big time....
Now Kwaito is set to Greater Heights in Botswana-Malaysia Taking over Kwaito watch the space....
Anyways I'm Looking forward to hearing the next single or should i say ALBUM?
 Overall This is the video to watch and this is a song for December and who is behind Talisman Productions? <---Great Staff so is Mulabisc 

Signing Out
Orsen Pepe (verified Account)
I was getting a bit disappointed with the 267 guys coz i thought their SHOW was DEAD after waiting for a VeeeeRY LonG LOnG time.. However they proved me wrong and came back again with their 2nd episode of Ama Voom Vuum- thou they DeLaYed
So the guys are at it again.. CooL staff, Are u guys ready to check out their 2nd episode? and Guess who is featured? the one and Only Mr FaB

There You go People, what do u think about this? 
Wanna get a ride on Fab9ice?
Here is my take:
The Intro is awesome, Classic, Classy and Creative. I Love the Car just coz its BLUE nothing else
To be Honest, I see NO difference (Growth wise)comparing it to the first episode besides everything being conducted in English. I think you guys can do Better than this, Step Up your game. Interact more on the show (i.e the presenter and the guest). I also think it will be nice if the guest shares more about his CAR not half of the videos being all about the car moving around..
Overall the episode its just OK for me-worth watching thou, however it got me asking myself.. 
'Was it done in a rush to compensate for the delayed time for the 2nd episode?
                                  Maybe , Maybe Not

By the way, Bra Ash, what was going on between 1:26-1:30???
Anyways u guys gotta call audition for a presenter of the show, u really need one!!!!
So what do u think about this SHoW?
I cant wait for Episode 3, bring it hardcore this time, expecting more

Signing Out
Orsen Pepe (verified account)
Of Late I've been blogging about MusiK MusiK MusiK  ♫ ♫
can we leave without it thou?? Maybe or Maybe Not….. Is this the Music Boom Season In Botswana Boleh? Maybe...coz I’m about to drop a single too, just wait N C wena
Nowadays instead of people having only Audios they've taken initiative to have Music Videos… does this give them an edge in the industry? Maybe for some, coz I know for the others it’s a waste… 
Of course a Musik video got to be HOT for us to FaLL in with it and for it to get much exposure (i.e if the song was and is a hit)
I've seen a lotta videos (Bots), too bad I didn’t get a chance to do a review on them (oska wae chesta coz u ddnt impress my BLoG to be featured)
Moving on, i thot i cud jst drop a review on Mr GreenHole's video
Have y'all seen this video? If u Havent its a Must C

OK the main focus is not gonna be on Mr Majela No NO No, instead everyone featured
Honestly speaking, this is a Tight Music Video, the creativity is there and with all the credit going to Miss Bame Letsomo- Majela, [Tag team E strong] (that's why u got to have a lady on ur s)
As for this Mrepas, sorry I don't know who is Tony and who is LJ Ramesis but frankly speaking it was the first time i hear about them (where have they been), Both of them were On Point, their lines-WeLL delivered, for reaL
Chorus,  B-sMaLz aka Boago i didn't know she could sing (hidden talent).. comparing her to the other ladies who got featured in some videos I've seen, She Tops, she Nailed the chorus big time Yeses
However Orsen-P always have something to saying that is.............. (wateva)
In my previous post I talked about Fashion, honestly, i didn't like the way B-sMaLz was dressed, NO i seriously didn't like it at all, #ThumbsUp for the HeeLs thou.. Earrings & Make-Up Nope don't do that again next time in the next video u are featured in or perhaps ur single -High Class Earrings and Tight Make-Up for the girls watching to be jealous
As for the guys GeaR #OnPoint enough said
And Radio Stations in Botswana Air PLaY will do, this song deserves one and i deserve an Oscar LOL

Anyways Great Job from the Majela Tag Team And The Singers
Signing Out
Orsen Pepe (Verified Account)