267 Back At It Again

I was getting a bit disappointed with the 267 guys coz i thought their SHOW was DEAD after waiting for a VeeeeRY LonG LOnG time.. However they proved me wrong and came back again with their 2nd episode of Ama Voom Vuum- thou they DeLaYed
So the guys are at it again.. CooL staff, Are u guys ready to check out their 2nd episode? and Guess who is featured? the one and Only Mr FaB

There You go People, what do u think about this? 
Wanna get a ride on Fab9ice?
Here is my take:
The Intro is awesome, Classic, Classy and Creative. I Love the Car just coz its BLUE nothing else
To be Honest, I see NO difference (Growth wise)comparing it to the first episode besides everything being conducted in English. I think you guys can do Better than this, Step Up your game. Interact more on the show (i.e the presenter and the guest). I also think it will be nice if the guest shares more about his CAR not half of the videos being all about the car moving around..
Overall the episode its just OK for me-worth watching thou, however it got me asking myself.. 
'Was it done in a rush to compensate for the delayed time for the 2nd episode?
                                  Maybe , Maybe Not

By the way, Bra Ash, what was going on between 1:26-1:30???
Anyways u guys gotta call audition for a presenter of the show, u really need one!!!!
So what do u think about this SHoW?
I cant wait for Episode 3, bring it hardcore this time, expecting more

Signing Out
Orsen Pepe (verified account)

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