♫ Been a Lota Things On My BloG ♫

Of Late I've been blogging about MusiK MusiK MusiK  ♫ ♫
can we leave without it thou?? Maybe or Maybe Not….. Is this the Music Boom Season In Botswana Boleh? Maybe...coz I’m about to drop a single too, just wait N C wena
Nowadays instead of people having only Audios they've taken initiative to have Music Videos… does this give them an edge in the industry? Maybe for some, coz I know for the others it’s a waste… 
Of course a Musik video got to be HOT for us to FaLL in with it and for it to get much exposure (i.e if the song was and is a hit)
I've seen a lotta videos (Bots), too bad I didn’t get a chance to do a review on them (oska wae chesta coz u ddnt impress my BLoG to be featured)
Moving on, i thot i cud jst drop a review on Mr GreenHole's video
Have y'all seen this video? If u Havent its a Must C

OK the main focus is not gonna be on Mr Majela No NO No, instead everyone featured
Honestly speaking, this is a Tight Music Video, the creativity is there and with all the credit going to Miss Bame Letsomo- Majela, [Tag team E strong] (that's why u got to have a lady on ur s)
As for this Mrepas, sorry I don't know who is Tony and who is LJ Ramesis but frankly speaking it was the first time i hear about them (where have they been), Both of them were On Point, their lines-WeLL delivered, for reaL
Chorus,  B-sMaLz aka Boago i didn't know she could sing (hidden talent).. comparing her to the other ladies who got featured in some videos I've seen, She Tops, she Nailed the chorus big time Yeses
However Orsen-P always have something to saying that is.............. (wateva)
In my previous post I talked about Fashion, honestly, i didn't like the way B-sMaLz was dressed, NO i seriously didn't like it at all, #ThumbsUp for the HeeLs thou.. Earrings & Make-Up Nope don't do that again next time in the next video u are featured in or perhaps ur single -High Class Earrings and Tight Make-Up for the girls watching to be jealous
As for the guys GeaR #OnPoint enough said
And Radio Stations in Botswana Air PLaY will do, this song deserves one and i deserve an Oscar LOL

Anyways Great Job from the Majela Tag Team And The Singers
Signing Out
Orsen Pepe (Verified Account)

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  1. ija le nna ke ta di audition lol i wanna be the video hell no am to shy to perform i rest mi case

  2. le wena Pepe o itse go opela hahah
    re bona dilo thle mo boleh

  3. @winnietwo dont underestimate me, who ever thot i cud blog? wait and see, everything can in Malaysia