Who's This Yang Stunner Who Went OLD SkuL?

IT'S A HE......YES he is In Malaysia and just dropped his First Ever MixTape... Any CLUE??
Ok another hint CatchPhrase:from one of his songs--> 'My girl Beautiful ur girl mmh' If you are still lost I'm sorry but u'l have to continue reading [of which u are gonna do anyway]
Y'all might be wondering "Who this nigga b?" if y'all ddnt know he my BOY Y'aLL, now u know.. my Home Boy eksay.. so why do I have to make a buzz about him?? coz his my boy get it!!!! hihihi
Anyways on a serious note, this guy has always had a Dream i thot he was kidding wen he said ONE DAY he will drop his album. I once laughed at his OLD HardCover (Book) with 100s of songs that he wrote, I think he still has it here in Boleh somewhere under his matress. I bet some of the tunes are in his MixTape..If Not, waste of HARDCOVER pages hahaha
y'all might have heard him in the 'hit' single Mahungry.. yeses my boy Killed his Verse with other Mrepas and they all murdered that song, and now Mahungry is a Household name.. Is my BOY gonna be a Household name too???U be the Judge and Decide...!!

Check Out his official Single and his first ever Musik Video from His first ever MixTape here in Malaysia representing Kalanga Nation GhettoFabulous, lets Check it out Before I go at it...

Yes His Name is KasiBoi Coke wa Kokaine
OK first thing is First, I think the video is CatchyHigh Quality and those Graffiti and the buildings made it for me #ThumbsUP its bright and worth watching the SCENERY WAS GREAT , HOWEVER something went wrong while editing, this messed up the whole video-Damn, if the editing was on point the video could have high ratings from me
The Flow is sick and the guys well dressed, therefore an Average of 6.5/10 for this video will do, and thats not bad for a first TIMER
Moving on have u guys listend to the MIXTAPE? damn its WORTH listening to,seriously
i got my favourite tunes
My Top 5
1.Tswana Gangstar ---> Listen Here  <-- this one definitely needs to get AirPlay serious
2.My girl---> Listen Here
3.Big body Benzes---> Listen Here
4.Stick up kids----> Listen Here
5.B O B---> Listen Here
Thou this is not KasiBoi him self i loved this piece as weLL Remember Me'when am gone--> Listen  Strata Boi *Ithink
U wanna Dance to KasiBoi's Tunes this festive download his MixTape FREEEEE KasiBoi OLD SKUL
On Average i will rate the MixTape 7/10 worth listening to, If it was being sold it was gonna be worth Buying, still, its worth Downloading its for FREE
Anyways KasiBoi has done it, COME HARDER than this next time, cant wait to check out ore of his videos and People lets Support
Re Kopa Airplay ko Botswana O'Neil are u Listening? 

Signing out
Orsen Pepe (Verified Account)

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  1. this is an awesome review! Botswana hiphop is goin higher!

  2. The first tym i heard of him was wen i saw the video... and i actually thot he was signed!

  3. Indee Hip Hop is going places but generally music industry is on another level in Bots...
    NaH the nigga is soing all staff by himself and a coupla friends
    Tite Music too(urs)

  4. Ba dropele Link ya download Orsen

  5. i dont really know what i like most, either the review or the mixtape. this is some awesome stuff, totally agree bots is in the right direction