Yeses Mapetla Tshaba Koo-Move Left And Right!!!

Ooook where have I been all this time?? Why wasn't I informed about this video? I mean like this guys is sick,Real SICK, I don't even have anything to say- SPEECHLESS  yes the nigga is insane
Trust me soon as you hear this u'l know that KWAITO aint dead as, KWAITO is StiLL so alive,so so ALIVE- Ziggy Zek is living the Kwaito Life in Malaysia
Before I give my view on this let me Introduce the one and only Black A.k.a Ziggy Zek

Now here is my take:
This Guy owned this TUNE seriously, and the video itself is CrazY, looks more Ghetto, but believe me people, it was shot here in Malaysia BOLEH
However, one more thing i gotta say: maGang, u need some serious DancE MoveS if u are to be featured in some video next time...
Viewers, Readers, FaNs, everyone, this is a tune, Mapetla gotta step up his game if he wanna match our very own ZEK.. yes this nigga is on another LeveL he on FIRE
We need some Airplay Botswana Media are u listening???? We need some Airplay, this is something that BOTSWANA gotta hear on the RADIO big big time....
Now Kwaito is set to Greater Heights in Botswana-Malaysia Taking over Kwaito watch the space....
Anyways I'm Looking forward to hearing the next single or should i say ALBUM?
 Overall This is the video to watch and this is a song for December and who is behind Talisman Productions? <---Great Staff so is Mulabisc 

Signing Out
Orsen Pepe (verified Account)

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1 comment:

  1. re thokana le this kind of music mo diRadio staioneng
    Nice piece Bra Orsen