OK where to start?? My Previous post went on to ask who will Throw the first Bullet Guess who did?? One of the few ladies in the Botswana Malaysia Music Industry the one and Only Luv-Lace and guess what, she is the first Female Artist to debut her Solo Musik VIDEO the first 2011 Video..
Check it out before I say Further: LuvLace- Lost Love

Guys come on lets be Frank, this is TIGHT. LUV LACE murdered it (featured act KosiBoi), from the last time her cover of Russian Roulette she wasn't this Good. Now she has taken it to Another LeveL

The starting of the video... Perfecto Loved it
That sexy white Shirt-->LUV it
This is one heck of an Improvement
Grading: 7.5/10-my take
Acting: in time it will be OK not bad

GAME ON Artists, GAME ON and Producers, how hard are u gon COMe? (Lol it sounds wrong)
Female Artist here we Go.... Thats your target, hit the BullEye
2011 Looking fruitful

Whats your take on this Video?

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Checking out some of Last Years videos that didnt make it to my BLOG, got me asking myself "who's gonna come harder than the other this year 2011"
Since we are on the 3rd week of the First Month of the year its like there haven't been a video released yet in Malaysia Boleh, I hope the TEAMS are Perfecting their staff or maybe waiting for the right time!!??We ShaLL See
Ok here are some of the videos that were realeased on the last month of 2010...."who killed his or her or their  tune?", come on lets rate... 1(worse)----(3 (Perfecto)

1.Aptown-Shake it Up

2.Kasiboi,Proto G,Luv Lace- 6/11 Kalanga land

3.Boy B ft Chachacha-Be mine

So this time its your take lets rate them, and lets see your favourite, its between the 3 of them

V.O.T.E 3points-ur fav 1point ur less fav

Lets See who will come first and hard and Lets see New Production Companies

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Orsen Pepe (Verified account)
Since we are no longer dying in Malaysia and we are well behaved, the media have nothing bad they could say about us than lie to the whole nation and send outdated news..
Seriously what have we done to people back home (Botswana) ,is it jealousy or something??
What do u guys really want from us? haven’t u already got enough? haven’t u already sucked us dry? haven’t u put more pressure and stress unto us? How do u want us to study with the negativity that u suppress in us...
First of all, Batswana who've never lived or  visited Malaysia seem to know more than us who lived here for more than 2-3yrs n others nearly 7 years.. And the comments that we get from people back home,who in respect we suppose to call our parents, uncles or even aunts insult us, so what are we to do? Sit back and suck it all in???We got enough stress to survive here. I think we all know that every human being have feelings, hence we respond, however if we respond to some insults our so called 'parents' channel the blame to US. U know what... to HeLL with that I think we all know a say that goes ' SUSU ILELA SUSWANA GORE LE YONE EGO ILELE' so what’s the point of respecting someone who doesn’t even show lil respect unto u...if U have a problem go hang urself..
The reason why I had to take this to my blog was coz of the Deleted post by Mmegi.. since sum people are smart enough thy took initiative to get a screen print and save it.. Just have a look at this....

An update like this is amongst the others that makes up commit suicides, y'all back home need to understand that things u say have a direct impact on us...
Thou this statement to me looked ambiguous,the comments cud have proved it. We could have been innocently Jailed, trust me it happens 'I know y'all think I’m crazy coz u don’t know the situation here'. most of u (yah back home) just went on hating,never bothered asking what happened, went on to talk about how we wasting ur tax money and we are a disgrace to the country, don’t think u are the only one paying tax i.e if u do,our parents pay too, and i dont even think u know how to calculate it. I think we all had the opportunity to study abroad, if u never had a chance its coz maybe u've only made it to standard 6,i don’t blame u,so can u people let us be and stop complaining about our welfare money(alwens) worry about ur salary,u chose to work I chose to study simple as that..
So what if we were in Jail? Dont people there go to jail tooo??dont people in SA go to Jail dont people in UK go to Jail?are people not Jezebeling in UB and FET?are people not dying in SA?? Dont give me the 'U are abroad' argument coz thats cheap..and if u guys are backing Mmegi up im so ashamed of u coz ur taxes are going to waste coz mmegi is destroying our future and the country as a whole,how are we going to get Jobs while ur reputation is being tarnished?? A better headline and response wud have made things much better... maybe Mmegi should have made a straight forward statement , coz some people are illiterate, if it was to help us as some people claim to say it was.. HeLP  BATSWANA  STUDENTS  IN  MALAYSIA  WHO  ARE  BEING  UNFAIRLY SENT TO JAILED, simple english,everyone can understand
And to some students studying abroad,not Malaysia who make and made funny statements out this issue and other issues, we know the staff that u do, it’s just that u guys are lucky the media cnt make money outta u and hvnt targeted u, wait til we start our own newspaper,u guys will go down
As for Mmegi, its DEAD, THE  VOICE take over, capitalize on the market share,Mmegi dug its own grave
if u have a problem shoot

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What an EPIC way to start a year, FIGHTING, can u imagine deforming each other’s Faces with fire surrounding u? thats some EPIC  Disaster...
NOPE people it wasn’t me, apparently some Nigro (Bozwa guy) decided to get into a fist fight few minutes after mid-night, imagine coming all the way from Kuala to Langkawi to get into a fight in 2011, what an #EpicFaiL and that other Mixed Race (I’m not sure where the freak was from), what if he went back without an eye or something?what would he have told people? That his vacation was more interesting that he lost some parts of His Body Part???  Thank Gawd people thought I was from UK hahahaha coz that other guy was going after some Bozwas and I was dancing throughout the whole process LOLing MY S out

Anyways enough with those freaks, my journey thru 2011 been amazing all the way, since 25th Dec I had a crazy 7days marathon all the way from P.D to KL to Langkawizzy

So hope u guys have set Goals/Resolutions every year is a challenge come harder this year from every 'wannabe' to all the 'has-been' and those who dont know their where -abouts, don’t waste this year every year comes with different challenges, acknowledge them.....
Some people might think they failed last year but guess what, u didnt really fail u achieved something that u didnt want to achieve at that point... U can still do it starting from today. ‘bringing to an end Procrastination needs to be in your 2011 Pledge
Bloggerians, Now this is the time to work for what we want in our 2011 voyage.
As for me great staff coming up soon, imma come harder, taking my blog to greater heights…Imma have changes here and there, watch the space....

Reflections of my BLOG in 2010
#2010 memos
Some of the Snaps from Orsen-Pepe's Sturdy Intuition 
2011, let’s do this thing....
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