Coming Hard, 2011 are u ready??

What an EPIC way to start a year, FIGHTING, can u imagine deforming each other’s Faces with fire surrounding u? thats some EPIC  Disaster...
NOPE people it wasn’t me, apparently some Nigro (Bozwa guy) decided to get into a fist fight few minutes after mid-night, imagine coming all the way from Kuala to Langkawi to get into a fight in 2011, what an #EpicFaiL and that other Mixed Race (I’m not sure where the freak was from), what if he went back without an eye or something?what would he have told people? That his vacation was more interesting that he lost some parts of His Body Part???  Thank Gawd people thought I was from UK hahahaha coz that other guy was going after some Bozwas and I was dancing throughout the whole process LOLing MY S out

Anyways enough with those freaks, my journey thru 2011 been amazing all the way, since 25th Dec I had a crazy 7days marathon all the way from P.D to KL to Langkawizzy

So hope u guys have set Goals/Resolutions every year is a challenge come harder this year from every 'wannabe' to all the 'has-been' and those who dont know their where -abouts, don’t waste this year every year comes with different challenges, acknowledge them.....
Some people might think they failed last year but guess what, u didnt really fail u achieved something that u didnt want to achieve at that point... U can still do it starting from today. ‘bringing to an end Procrastination needs to be in your 2011 Pledge
Bloggerians, Now this is the time to work for what we want in our 2011 voyage.
As for me great staff coming up soon, imma come harder, taking my blog to greater heights…Imma have changes here and there, watch the space....

Reflections of my BLOG in 2010
#2010 memos
Some of the Snaps from Orsen-Pepe's Sturdy Intuition 
2011, let’s do this thing....
Officially Krazie
Signing Out
Orsen Pepe '
The SopranoTM
' (verified)

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