Yes LuvLace threw the first 2011 Bullet

OK where to start?? My Previous post went on to ask who will Throw the first Bullet Guess who did?? One of the few ladies in the Botswana Malaysia Music Industry the one and Only Luv-Lace and guess what, she is the first Female Artist to debut her Solo Musik VIDEO the first 2011 Video..
Check it out before I say Further: LuvLace- Lost Love

Guys come on lets be Frank, this is TIGHT. LUV LACE murdered it (featured act KosiBoi), from the last time her cover of Russian Roulette she wasn't this Good. Now she has taken it to Another LeveL

The starting of the video... Perfecto Loved it
That sexy white Shirt-->LUV it
This is one heck of an Improvement
Grading: 7.5/10-my take
Acting: in time it will be OK not bad

GAME ON Artists, GAME ON and Producers, how hard are u gon COMe? (Lol it sounds wrong)
Female Artist here we Go.... Thats your target, hit the BullEye
2011 Looking fruitful

Whats your take on this Video?

Officially Krazie
The Sopronist
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)

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  1. Eish cheri ee e fresh jwang, e thapa ka eng..

  2. whoa..damn she gud...i agree wit u she has improvd big ups luvlace!!!! nd de guy got it as well.she on piont!