Guess Ty & Ram collected Enaf Paper from here!!

Been away for some time people, life and circumstances forced me to Take a Break, anyhow, whether I’m on break or not people out there are working their butts off to get something done, from gossiping, Cracking jokes, Song Writing, JOLLing, Music eish let me shut imma soon blow ur ears out and get myself into Trouble…
Moving on, Here again it’s a Music Video, yah I know I’ve been going on and on about Musik Videos, come on guys, the way this videos are going viral on FacebooK how can we miss them??
Now I’m here to share yet another video released this past weekend by TALISMAN production alongside MULABISC Production, ok let see what they have in store for us LeGooo

       Street Cred L.J Ramesis & Big Ty

Now let’s get Started, where to start?? Video Girl, Seriously, u came for a shoot wearing that? are u kidding me?? Next time try something better than that, Sorry to  Say, that’s not so happening in a video that I will given the Privilege to direct NOOO Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And there is something about this song, I’m not sure whether the lines are wrongly matched to the beat or the beat makes u guys fail the song or there is something missing really i don't know...
When I listen to the song the lines are well delivered, the beat is OK,so according to me the song would have been massive hit if matched with the right beat…
Video concept is kinda CooL matches the title....
Seriously in Malaysia we are on Another LeveL
This is not one of my favorite videos but still its not as bad as some videos I’ve seen, back home being the worst
Ratings 5.5/10 come harder next round
Potential is there...

Thoughts Anyone??
Officially Krazie
The Sopronist
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)

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  1. u wasted ur time blogging about this video, its useless, nothing interesting about it

  2. mme gone the video is not that great, only the rap is good chorus guy o bua dilo fela

  3. ah faele the frst guy ekare o bala di nnoto mare id say they tried! not bad!

  4. this video is gr8..
    the song is also good
    i just dont see anything wrong wit it..really