Which 1 R u Gon Atend?Their Plea,Ur Choice.!

So is February another December, a massive line-up of events to follow from Tomorow til end of this Month, here in Boleh...
University of Nottingham Picture
I know people like saying We party hard all the time, but are we gonna party in style this time???
Besides Partying, our fellow students from Nottingham took time to came up with an event to Honour our Culture
Yes People BOTSWANA CULTURAL NIGHT hapening tomorw as in 16th February 2011, come on ladies and gents come in ur Khibase and Matalo and rock ur way thru the night, 10bucks for a damage its almost nothing, and please forget BooZe for a while, Thank U...
Ngwao e simolola ka 19.30hrs, u can bring your International friends to come check out wat we do in the JUNGLE.....

And on another Event, we gotta party in style?Its the  Annual Event that takes place both in Botswana and Malaysia, yes u guessed it right we Going BACK2SKOL people are you readdy...!!!??
Yes people we y'all are going Bk2skoL and some already are...
A lotta people have been asking where and when is the event,if u haven't come across this photo on facebook, i hope now u have & know. When i went thru the line up there we only 2 familiar names, Dj Stinky and BigChew no offense to others (by the way is BigChew coming back to boleh?)
On another note, understand DJ ZinhLe all the way from mzansi will be rocking the night, to be honest havent heard of her but i think she might be GreeeeeeeeeeaaaT, i went thru her website and her resume is insane, she will be playing in Miami this year too. She better come rock our classrooms,naught Girls wanna be punished by headmasters
Esih people school start early Jooh- 7pm TiL(.....) and Madi a Dijo ke RM60 yeses according to me, its a bit Pricey
Come in style people, dress to impress, Boleh style i know u guys wont disapoint
By the way, where is Poppy Garden i.e how to  locate the venue

And then Comes this 2 events, HeLd on the same day, im wondering how we gonna allocate our time to honour both the events, with the respect of time and money..

The Back2SkoL FootbaLL tournament on the 26th Feb i.e the following day after Back2 School. Its should have been named After SkuL Futbal Tournamnt #MyOpinion
MMU Grounds, its from morning 9am til late
so far i dont know how many teams have registered but as of today where i saw the picture no updates and it shows that the registration is stil OPEN on their PIK-besides the time and  venue this lacks more details for those who wanna register for the likes of me all the info is provided
Lets go watch in style, i think Jusco got Camp Chairs and CooLers. Dont sit on Bricks please, its so Ghetto, ooh dont forget to bring Umbrella, i think by now y'all know Boleh
An Update on registration info will be CooL for those who wanna register

BigWigs Picture (not mine
Later that night we gotta go CooL down at the Beach PARTY , Melaka Beach is the venue.Y'all can go CooL down on a saturday night, samething, bring ur own camp chair your own CooLers and enough Drinks for you and ur Bud (gare bate mpharanyetsa  foo) nope sorry...

But here is one thing missing, TIME wat does it start Y'aLL
I went to BigWigs' fan page (promoters/organiserz nt sure) to get more details about the event and still i came empty handed
Come on guys dont FaiL on people there is stil time to to update ur event information

Now here is one thing that got me worried.. 2 event on the same day and the other one start from morning TiL late and im sure people all the way from Melaka will attent the first event Coz its football, ding dong, FootbaLL i think they have registerd too. An there is the un-timed Beach Party. My concern is how are we goona juggle ourselves amongst the 2? its either one of it becomes EPIC and the other EPICFAIL 
So now its up to You Promoters out there to work your magic, make us come to your shows, and the main battle is between the Beach Party & The FootbaLL tournament so who got the right skill and whus gonna K.O the other, we shall see, Game On, Legoo

Officially Krazie
The Sopronist
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)

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