Will these 3 make us Proud?

Hey out there, have u heard about the African Entertainment Awards 2011 Malaysia
Yah awards organised by Naija boys in order to recognize African talent around Malaysia
I'm happy to announce that 3 of our fellow Batswana managed to get some spots amongst the Naija dominanted Awards. To even get a spot its quite an honor if i may say
Ok here are Batswana nominees
Best Video Of the year
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Lot Lorah
Credit: BenDan Photography 2011

ModeL Of The Year

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P.S.K (Patience, Sinah & Khumo)

Best Group Act

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Credit:Link Awards Promo 2009

Congratulations to these 3, though some people deem these awards to be a JOKE, for those who wanna venture into the Entertainment Industry it quite an achievement, u'll have something to show to the Management Company or Record Label that u wanna be signed with.

So come on guys for the sake of these 3 being Batswana, just Cast your Vote coz u are a Motswana,so that we have something to be proud about, whether you think they are Good or Bad just vote, it won't hurt to give a Lil support, wud it?i dont think so...lets all head to Orange Box Asia and give our support, LEGOOOO

Once more,give support to one of my Twitter and Facebook Buddy contending in MODEL OF THE YEAR category too, EVA LOPA Vote Here she fierce trust me

Officially Krazie
The Sopronist
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)

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