Yes we made it, over 30 Dedicated students Graced the 2nd Bots Boleh Photography event, these guys managed to take some few hours from their daily schedules to make the event a Success. March 19th 2011 was an exceptional day for the 30something of us, the Event was Fully organized by Batswana Student here in Malaysia
Here is All of us @ Bots BoLeh Photography Session
It was all about the Cameras flashing and the Models & Non-Models Posing and the Directors Screaming, with 17 Photographers and 13 "Models' and 2 directors,me being one of them. It was the battle of the Canon and Nikon, as for me all the cameras looked the same the difference being the lens, however, the guys could tell the difference from each cam....
Thou the event started LateR that the time set (Start 12noon Started 2pm,nigro timing) it still turned out good. This was the second event and my first appearance, i was really impressed by the Turn Up and the dedication of them people who made it there..  
Better luck next time 
Although it rained the photographers took advantage of the whether and still produced Great Shoots
This are some of the Me featured pics

HOWEVER, u know me, i always have somethings to NOTE, and here I go:
  1. Lets all be on time the next event PLEASE,if you know u are gonna be very Late do us and yourself a favour and don't COME
  2. If we ask for models and u think  and/or know you are not Please don't bother showing up, we wanna show the photographers' potential here
  3. If u just wanna come because u wanna come PLease don't come, If u decide to show up anyways make yourself useful a lot of camera bags, reflectors and Models Bags to carry around, even Water Bottles
  4. ModeLs buy & read magazines and learn some poses there. Also watch Modeling shows, ANTM, Make me a SuperModel, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Models of the runway even Fashion TV
With me having said that, i would say Photographers did an outstanding JOb so is everyone

EVENT WAS A GREAT SUCCESS, looking forward to the next one in APRIL. 
How are we going to set it different from the others??
PHOTOS are already going VIRAL on facebook, check out photographers FanPages

Officially Krazie
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Orsen Pepe (Verified account)
Yet another video from Strata Boi and his Team, this guy makes video & musik production look easy, single after single followed by videos,maybe i shud have one as well what do u think??
Anyways, moving on, the reason I'm doing this piece is coz I'm overwhelmed with the latest Boleh video.This is by far according to me The Best Video I've seen here in Boleh..
Just take a Look before i go On and On preaching about it....

Luvlace n' kasiboi - Lace Up (kasiLace)

Again the quality is massive, another HD Blu-ray ish. The main reason why i dig this video is coz of the fashion, damn those shoes the hand bags and the scenery #OnPoint LooooovE it no doubt. Moreover, i think the video wasn't shot in one day (if it was, job well done, a smart move and change of scenery and clothes). The Streets shoots, Mall Shoots and Studio shoots are amazing. This shows that more time was dedicated to this video,oh yah the song its still an OK song for me, however the video makes it worth listening to
EPIC video, an 8/10 will do, so far the highest rating from me
Hope the next Production team will work on beating that, thot Grandfinale had it but kasiLace made them Lace UP, Production Teams LEGOOO
To the other Production Teams where you at, havnt heard from u in Ages

OK I'm done

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It looks like most of the Artists have gone silent, its already 1/4 of the year and only a few videos have dropped. so far i know of 3 videos and this post Imaa deal with the 2nd one realised. So if i May ask,is 2011 a slow year for the artists and producers out there?? Whats with the Hold Up?Need some Help?? HoLa a lotta Hidden talent out there waiting to be discovered
The reason why Im doing this post its cause of the Grand finale Video, Damn this Boleh guys are always steeping up the ladder every after each video they realease, i feel bad for the Newbies, they gonna have to work hard..
Check what im talking about...

The Quality of the video is on Point, this is what Im talking about,HD or shud i say BLU-Ray (Maybe). The song its a Great song for me,I wudnt mind to put it on replay, like I always say Videos Always make the song worth Listening to. However i have some criticism with the video.. first of all why is it Short?, 2 and Half Minutes, seriously Dr Corp, is the song that short...? Wasn't it suppose to be atleast 3minutes? Me knowing ur potential i wud say u guys unda performed for an interesting video like this 1, serious, u could have done way better. on another tip my guy chachacha me and ur earphone in almost all ur videos don't do no-more, I feel like they are degrading the videos,u gotta luz them for once maybe. I know u gotta hear the song or something maybe a phone would help or a portable player perhaps. As for Mor G o jele, those rap verses where on point, cant wait for more from yah....
Overall a 7/10 will do on this video by far one of the highly rated videos by me. I would have gone a bit higher if the video was a bit longer and no headphones

Me Signing out
Officially Krazie
The Sopronist
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)