We Are on A GrandFinaLe

It looks like most of the Artists have gone silent, its already 1/4 of the year and only a few videos have dropped. so far i know of 3 videos and this post Imaa deal with the 2nd one realised. So if i May ask,is 2011 a slow year for the artists and producers out there?? Whats with the Hold Up?Need some Help?? HoLa a lotta Hidden talent out there waiting to be discovered
The reason why Im doing this post its cause of the Grand finale Video, Damn this Boleh guys are always steeping up the ladder every after each video they realease, i feel bad for the Newbies, they gonna have to work hard..
Check what im talking about...

The Quality of the video is on Point, this is what Im talking about,HD or shud i say BLU-Ray (Maybe). The song its a Great song for me,I wudnt mind to put it on replay, like I always say Videos Always make the song worth Listening to. However i have some criticism with the video.. first of all why is it Short?, 2 and Half Minutes, seriously Dr Corp, is the song that short...? Wasn't it suppose to be atleast 3minutes? Me knowing ur potential i wud say u guys unda performed for an interesting video like this 1, serious, u could have done way better. on another tip my guy chachacha me and ur earphone in almost all ur videos don't do no-more, I feel like they are degrading the videos,u gotta luz them for once maybe. I know u gotta hear the song or something maybe a phone would help or a portable player perhaps. As for Mor G o jele, those rap verses where on point, cant wait for more from yah....
Overall a 7/10 will do on this video by far one of the highly rated videos by me. I would have gone a bit higher if the video was a bit longer and no headphones

Me Signing out
Officially Krazie
The Sopronist
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)

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  1. I hope you REALIZE that I was in that video.... its an HONOUR for those guys to have ME on their video waitse!

  2. @Dahlia Nasir whihc part?i see a lotta people around...
    Thats great u are featured thou,congrats