What makes you think you cannot do it?
Doubts? Maybe!
What are afraid of?
Yourself? Success? or Failure?
why do you have to?
Deep down each one of us there is a LiL warrior to fight our battles
Many of the people that "Failed" turned out to  be one of the most successful people in the world
Take Warner Brothers Co. for examples, it has been rejected 100s of times and now its one of the well know Entertainment Inc

Believe it or not, we all got Dreams, but are we executing them?
Some are, some not...
but are we really putting that much effort into it?
If not, what are u waiting for?
Time ain't waiting for no man...
Do u wanna wake up one day and u are 50years and u don't know what u have done in with life?
I Doubt..

Have you worked on your Dream Plan?
Have you asked yourself how far are you with it?
How many times have you tried and things didn't turn out right?
Did u Give up? Did u Quit? I hope u didn't!!!
Like they always say NEVER GIVE UP
It might sound CLICHE to most but yep, NEVER SAY NEVER
DREAM big and take ur ASS of that sit and do something about your life
We all got Something SpeciaL Something That no other person has
So let it SHiNe it will Be Recognized
Who knows, it might have an Impact on someone out there
DoUBTS Won't take you NOWHERE
You and I shouldn't make excuses and Doubts part of our lives

Officially Krazie
The Sopronist
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)
The 267 crew is back.....
Are they back with a BanG after a very LOOOOONNNG break from FiLminG?
Will they Impress??? We ShaLL See.....
Back with their 3rd episode of the Voom Vuum Car Show

Check it out before I make my comments

I wanna give them a ThumbsUp for being one of the few producers who by far came up with such an idea and still try to maintain the production...!
However, its 2011 I expected a change, something spectacular extraodinary. I would say the episode is not that different from the previous ones, a bit of creativity is needed to keep the Show going.....
Overall its OK!!!! 4me

Officially Krazie
The Sopronist
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)