267, Welcome to 2011

The 267 crew is back.....
Are they back with a BanG after a very LOOOOONNNG break from FiLminG?
Will they Impress??? We ShaLL See.....
Back with their 3rd episode of the Voom Vuum Car Show

Check it out before I make my comments

I wanna give them a ThumbsUp for being one of the few producers who by far came up with such an idea and still try to maintain the production...!
However, its 2011 I expected a change, something spectacular extraodinary. I would say the episode is not that different from the previous ones, a bit of creativity is needed to keep the Show going.....
Overall its OK!!!! 4me

Officially Krazie
The Sopronist
Orsen Pepe (Verified account)

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  1. i guess looking for a better presenter la ha a sa tswe mo 267 will help...

  2. sumone wth good presentation skills...........

  3. are you jst sayin its awesome coz ur tryin to get their attention or u rly think itz awesum?

  4. how bout arshley stop turning hiz bk towrds the camera.

  5. @Anonymous1&2 thats a good idead, i hope they see this
    @anonymous 3 i didn't say its awesome, what i said its that im impressed with the concert they came up with but lacks creativity allota improvement gotta be done
    @anonymous 4 hope Arshley sees this
    Thanks guys this is the kinda feedback this media teams gotta hear