Botswana Fashion Week 2011 Review

Hello my fellow Blog followers, sorry I have been gone for sometime, my schedule has been messy.. Oh well back to the main focus of this post
Fashion Fashion Fashion 'A prevailing style of dress'
It has come to my attention that the fashion industry in Botswana is on the rise. This past weekend I had the privilege to attend BOTSWANA FASHION WEEK Finale (the 2nd Fashion week in the country) boy ooh Boy, designers were good, their designs were Superb, breathtaking indeed..
VIDEO Preview

The models did good on the runway, however still have some citric with some FEMALE models, something that I always see in this model wannabes 'UR HIPS IS NOT UR WAIST Please please please stop it, a model should know her WAISTLINE.  TIPS from Bonang would help , she knows her waist line very well ---------------------->

One other thing,runway WALK, *SMD a lot has to be done with some female models. Even thou a model needs to have "A signature Walk" u gotta know how to Rock the outfits u are show casting and PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEASE stop looking down the runway, girls that's uncalled for, no way, aaah aaah that aint CooL..

Well......... moving on to the guys, aint gonna say much however, I see a lotta room for improvement. Runway Walk practice however is needed, working on that got you guys going places..

Despite word on the street stating that the show on Friday Night was a FLOP Saturday proved otherwise, the Show was Exceptional the turn out was GOOD.
However I still don't understand some Batswana, what part of fashion don't u understand. With Events like this, u gotta dress to impress, how can u come to an FASHION SHOW event wearing a pair of JEANS, TRAINERS and a FOOTBALL t-shirt this is absolute insanity. People like that need a touch from Joan Rivers or enrolled in some local fashion101 classes....

And lets talk about the AFTER PARTY, besides LOMWE (from the BBA 2011 house) being there and the crowd going wild, i feel like it wasn't a complete after party with the BAR closed. People party with something to drink,not only alcohol but soft drinks too. How can you have an after-party without drinks

Overall i would say the FINALE show to me was a success, international designers did their best (Too bad didnt bring along my CAM)

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Orsen Pepe (Verified account)

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