“You.. go to your closet, and you select out, I don’t know, that lumpy sweater, for instance……….
            …….what you don’t know is that sweater is not just blue; it’s not turquoise; it’s not lapis; It’s actually cerulean…..
            However, that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs, and it’s sort of comical how you think you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when in fact you’re wearing a sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room from a pile of StuffMiranda Priestly
Fashion is around us, we can’t deny the fact that we live and breathe fashion. Botswana’s fashion industry is on the upswing and being recognised across borders as well as internationally. Fashion Gurus are working tirelessly to grow and sell fashion from Botswana. Today on The Sopranist Blog we have Thapelo Letsebe, one of many Fashion Gurus in Botswana. Let’s get to know more about this Fashionista..

Photo Credit: Uyapo Ketogetswe
Who is Thapelo Letsebe?
I’m a very colourful 23 year old guy, who is ambitious, very autonomous, hardworking and willing to work for everything that I want. I believe that if you want something you got to go for it, that’s my mantra. I’m a stern believer of one taking responsibility of their life and doing everything in their power to make their dreams come true.

Define your sense of style and where you get your inspiration.
I wouldn’t say I really have a particular sense of style, I’m the kind of person that rocks almost everything.  My mood and feelings are reflected on my dressing. If I’m feeling sad I’d wear a black ensemble with
Showbiz keeps us buzzing that’s undeniable, the industry itself on the other hand with prompt deviations can get ugly. Thick skinned game changers survive and the rest wither.
Talking about the industry in Botswana, it has drastically changed, with a TV station and 6 radio stations up and running with numerous shows (both radio and TV) hosted by young talented Batswana. Our team sat and narrowed down a number of youngster to get to know them better. On our list was the ever vibrant, bubbly and charismatic young lady by the name Khumo Gape Kgwaadira known to her radio listener as Miss Gee Kays.

This is what Miss Gee Kays had to say:
Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.
I am this loud talkative young ambitious lady who is aiming to make a million soon (Yes, I want to be a millionaire lol). I’m 24 years of age, Born in Jwaneng originally from Sefhare, my dad is Motswapong and my mother is Mongwato from Mookane. I have the coolest parents on earth. I have 1 older half-brother and 2 older sisters. I am the last born and loving it, whoop whoop!!

What do you think of the entertainment industry in Botswana?
Well, first and foremost it is male dominated, which gives me that push as one of the few females in the industry to work extra hard and be an example to all females who aspire to venture into this industry.