Miss Gee Kays: A Believer, A Dreamer and an Achiever

Showbiz keeps us buzzing that’s undeniable, the industry itself on the other hand with prompt deviations can get ugly. Thick skinned game changers survive and the rest wither.
Talking about the industry in Botswana, it has drastically changed, with a TV station and 6 radio stations up and running with numerous shows (both radio and TV) hosted by young talented Batswana. Our team sat and narrowed down a number of youngster to get to know them better. On our list was the ever vibrant, bubbly and charismatic young lady by the name Khumo Gape Kgwaadira known to her radio listener as Miss Gee Kays.

This is what Miss Gee Kays had to say:
Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.
I am this loud talkative young ambitious lady who is aiming to make a million soon (Yes, I want to be a millionaire lol). I’m 24 years of age, Born in Jwaneng originally from Sefhare, my dad is Motswapong and my mother is Mongwato from Mookane. I have the coolest parents on earth. I have 1 older half-brother and 2 older sisters. I am the last born and loving it, whoop whoop!!

What do you think of the entertainment industry in Botswana?
Well, first and foremost it is male dominated, which gives me that push as one of the few females in the industry to work extra hard and be an example to all females who aspire to venture into this industry.

The one area that is excelling is the music aspect in Botswana. Botswana music has changed tremendously, from back in the days hearing traditional music only to now hip hop, motswako, RnB, Jazz etc. We have artists being nominated in awards shows across Africa and internationally. The music is also being recognised on radio and TV stations across Africa, which is insanely awesome. Slowly but surely we are getting there.

How did you get started on both TV and radio?
My first TV gig was when I got to Botswana from Malaysia in 2012. I actually came back rushing for the flava dome auditions that I never made the cut. I then auditioned for Property for You (P4U) and I nailed it. I was kind of reluctant about it but thinking of it now, I feel it was a blessing because the show has given me so much insight about property and related issues and it has also launched my TV career. I have been doing the show for 2 years now and loving it.
I also hosted a TV show that ran for one season on BTV, OUR HEROES OUR PRIDE a project by Studio 24 BW. With the show, I got to interview the former Presidents and VP, powerful women such as Mma Setshwaelo and many more.
Radio on the other hand I wasn’t in a rush to land a job, I was more focused on landing a gig on TV, I had never thought I would work on radio early in my career. My twitter Bio however used to read “UPCOMING RADIO PRESENTER” and that’s the power of the tongue hey…it does work. So one morning my mother heard about the radio auditions and told me about them. I applied, I got called up for auditions, went through a series of stages and I finally got the job. I’d say it was one of my toughest auditions to date. I have been with RB2 for a year and a half now.

What shows do you currently host on both Radio & TV?
On Mondays I host a show called Property For You (P4U) that airs at 6.30pm until 7.00pm on BTV.
I’m currently shooting a TV show called Travelogue (Another studio 24 BW project) which I get to travel around Botswana and get to see the tourist attractions around the country. The show is due to air sometime this year.
On Radio I host the Orange Top 40 countdown, I am currently the only female in the country who hosts the countdown show. It airs on Saturdays from 2pm to 6pm. I also do 12 O’clock news bulletin. 

How has being in the entertainment industry changed you?
It has changed me in the sense that I got to realise who I was as a person. Being in the industry has been challenging, so many tests, ups and downs and one has to overcome. My life now is less private and I have to deal with it. This makes me work even harder to be a better person.

The best moment on both TV and Radio?

Oh my Goodness, the best moment on TV was the time I was shooting Our Heroes Our Pride TV show. I got to meet very powerful and influential people in Botswana, the likes of the former president Sir Ketumile Masire, the late former Vice President Rre Mompati Merafhe, phenomenal women like Mma Setshwaelo and so many more.
On Radio it has to be the day I was talking to J.R from MiCasa on AIR, that was Everything. Every moment on radio for me is worth it. I get to interact with people from all over the world which is heart-warming.

Anything else would rather do?
            I have always had a plan growing up and I’m one person who sticks to her plans. I have always wanted to be a TV/Radio presenter and thanks be to God I achieved that and now working on my goal to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Basically I’m happy with what I’m doing and where I’m headed.
What do you enjoy doing on your spare time?
My laptop is my best friend, she is my everything. I always look forward to going home and watch series online. Olivia Pope currently gives me LIFE.

How has social media impacted your job?
I am Miss Gee Kays because of social media, social media is very powerful tool that one builds his or her brand on. The love that I get from people all over the world is overwhelming. It has done wonders to my career, looking back before 2012 when I had an online TV show with 3KTs entertainment in Malaysia, we used all sorts of social media platforms beings, facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so forth to reach our viewers and listeners. The truth is, where I am headed now, I’m heading to the top because of Social Media and I’ll forever be grateful.

Flats or heels?
Helloooo!!!! Ke Sharp Ka Heels, sure ka flats. I am a SKY babe, SURE KA YONE SHARP KA YONE. I’m a converse typa girl. I wear heels for my TV shows though.

What’s your favourite meal and drink?
Drink, it has to be crème soda, this drink is the TRUTH guys!! As for food, to be quite honest, I don’t really have a favourite dish if it tastes good then I’m cool.

Favourite local artist or group?
            It’s hard for me to pick one because I appreciate music from all genres as long as it’s really good. Local artists are coming up with good quality music these days and it keeps me on my toes.

You used to dance with PSK, do you think we would be seeing that in the future?
Hahahaha, you had to mention that. I really don’t know, haven’t danced in a while and then again I have so much on plate right now. But I’ll stay dancing for fun once in a while. 
Where do you see yourself in the future?
I see myself as a TV/Radio mogul, a successful entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, a philanthropist, a motivator generally I want to be a successful inspiring woman.

What advice would you give to people who would like to work in the industry?
DREAM, BELIEVE and ACHIEVE, don’t let nothing or anyone stop you.
Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior without your consent.

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