With Botswana Music Industry growing, it comes with a lot changes, artists that have been in the game for quite some time reinvent themselves, some are however left behind and lost within the mix, artists come and go and a whole lot of confusion goes down. Different genres get introduced, from house kwasa, disco kwasa and so forth. One genre that has been dominant with elderly audience and of recently the youth have been warming up to it is the Afro Jazz and Soul.
The Sopranist Blog got a chance to chat with an Afro Pop/Jazz/Soul artist Tebogo Mathiba about him and his music. Pop

For those who don’t know you, tell them who you are.
I am Tebogo Mathiba, I was born on the 13th September 1980 in a nuclear family with 1 sister and 2 brothers. I am from Kanye a town on the Southern part of Gaborone.  I am a dream chaser, a workaholic, a God fearing guy who loves music. I was born and raised in a Christian household.

Straight to your music, when did you realise that music was your calling?
Early in my Sunday school days. I was raised by a God fearing mother who insisted that church was the only way to get a brother grounded! That is where I fell in love with music. It was around the age of 12 and 13 that I started writing my own songs and I knew since then that this is where I belong.

Talent is a natural aptitude or skill that every single one of us possess. It is of no doubt that it come in different practises, being it on sports, entertainment, politics and so forth.
Television is amongst the most influential sources of Media that talents push their agendas on. Millons of people get glued unto their screens every single day for an hour or 2 or even more to get the latest news locally and even globally.
Today The Sopranist Blog team is delighted to talk TV with the ever bubbly and vivacious talent, Sadi Dikgaka, a female host on one of the longest running music TV shows on Botswana TV the Orange Flava Dome.

Good day Sadi!! How are you doing today?
Hello! I’m very well thanks, lovely weather outside today. I’m loving the drizzle!

Tell us about yourself?
Well, I was born in Serowe, I grew up in Palapye with my parents but my home village is Molepolole. I grew up in a Christian household where I was taught the importance of prayer and the power God has bestow upon His kin. I was a generally shy child, and I learnt to break out of that slowly through performing.  As a young girl I loved music and dance, there were times I'd sing into my dad's torch and imagine myself performing! I always believed I'd end up doing something in performing arts. I'm gradually getting there!

A DEAR ME CAMPAIGN: is a campaign edging individuals to write letters giving advice to their younger selves at 16 years old. I felt compelled to go with the trend this week and give advice to younger Orsen, this might give hope to a 16 year old "Orsen" somewhere around the Globe. Being a teenager can be one hell of a mess. 
This is how it goes.

Dear Me:

You are 16 years old now and you are about to graduate from High school, funny enough your voice isn't like the rest of the other boys, it hasn't broke, don’t worry about that you’ll grow to love and even appreciate it more, hence calling yourself The Sopranist, and doing greater things with the title. Oh!! You own a blog titled The Sopranist Blog, that’s how crazy it is.

Don’t worry about friends you have lost and yet to lose, much more cooler and real friends are coming and you’ll reach milestones and even have lasting memories together.

I know right now you are struggling with issues you’d love to discuss with your family but there are nowhere in the reach, just stay optimistic and strong, believe me you are stronger than you think now. Stay positive and believe that it will get better, you are not alone, so many of your loved ones care about you in more ways than you can imagine.
A great poet once said “You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.”
Botswana has been blessed with creative talent, from poetry, design, scriptwriting, dance, and film directing, just to mention a few. Garments, books, documentaries, music videos etc have been done by our very own talents in Botswana at international standards.
Writing a book on the other hand it’s not an easy task, the courage to sit down and write one is amazingly impactful. I have seen some of Batswana do it, from books like Madam Speaker, Sir! By Dr Margaret Nasha to Lindo Morolong's "Insight For A Victorious Lifestyle"  etc, since then, we have seen bookshelves flooding with our very own local talent.

I recently got an abstract of one recently published Novel from a young enthusiastic and very talented man whose articulation and delivery is exquisitely enticing. A book full of dares, thrill and suspense that will make you beg for more. The book that some jokingly say it’s the Gaborone's 50 shades of grey. The Sopranist Blog Team found it IDEAL to sit down with Thabo, the man behind The Mud Hut I Grew Upon Book and this is how it went down.

Who is Thabo, Prince, Prinzeville?

Thabo Prince Katlholo a self-proclaimed anarchist and an entrepreneur embodies the entirety of a modern artist. A powerful speaker, Novelist, Poet and I aspire to change the game. “One syllable at a time!”

You are a man of many names, which one do you prefer going by and why?
Whichever suits your palate, really! Haha. Mostly family calls me Thabo, My friends call me Prince and those in my poetry circle call me Prinzeville. Basically it depends on the level of relationship we have.