Dear Me: A Letter To My Younger Self

A DEAR ME CAMPAIGN: is a campaign edging individuals to write letters giving advice to their younger selves at 16 years old. I felt compelled to go with the trend this week and give advice to younger Orsen, this might give hope to a 16 year old "Orsen" somewhere around the Globe. Being a teenager can be one hell of a mess. 
This is how it goes.

Dear Me:

You are 16 years old now and you are about to graduate from High school, funny enough your voice isn't like the rest of the other boys, it hasn't broke, don’t worry about that you’ll grow to love and even appreciate it more, hence calling yourself The Sopranist, and doing greater things with the title. Oh!! You own a blog titled The Sopranist Blog, that’s how crazy it is.

Don’t worry about friends you have lost and yet to lose, much more cooler and real friends are coming and you’ll reach milestones and even have lasting memories together.

I know right now you are struggling with issues you’d love to discuss with your family but there are nowhere in the reach, just stay optimistic and strong, believe me you are stronger than you think now. Stay positive and believe that it will get better, you are not alone, so many of your loved ones care about you in more ways than you can imagine.

Remember when you were 12 and you had a dream to study abroad? Yes, keep that dream alive. I wish I could travel back in time to let you know that you done did it and even working on much more better things too. I wish I could also travel back in time to tell you not to waste time writing essays on how bad you want to be a pilot rather continue with those "Autobooks" because that’s where your creativity sparkles.

Continue to work hard, everything will unfold. Remember, God’s time is the perfect time. Be grateful, cherish every moment of your life, these are the moments that today you’ll speak and laugh off with your friends.

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel inadequate, continue keeping your head held high and let your confidence shine.

A lot of disappointments, frustration and challenges are going to come your way but I know you are strong and you can overcome them. 
Remember Orsen, it’s your passion and determination that got you to where you are now, don’t let anything shrink or even take that away from you. KEEP GOING

Go ahead guys, write letters Advising your YOUNGER SELVES!!

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Signing Out
Mr Orsen

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