Thabo Katlholo, The man Behind the Mud Hut I Grew Upon

A great poet once said “You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.”
Botswana has been blessed with creative talent, from poetry, design, scriptwriting, dance, and film directing, just to mention a few. Garments, books, documentaries, music videos etc have been done by our very own talents in Botswana at international standards.
Writing a book on the other hand it’s not an easy task, the courage to sit down and write one is amazingly impactful. I have seen some of Batswana do it, from books like Madam Speaker, Sir! By Dr Margaret Nasha to Lindo Morolong's "Insight For A Victorious Lifestyle"  etc, since then, we have seen bookshelves flooding with our very own local talent.

I recently got an abstract of one recently published Novel from a young enthusiastic and very talented man whose articulation and delivery is exquisitely enticing. A book full of dares, thrill and suspense that will make you beg for more. The book that some jokingly say it’s the Gaborone's 50 shades of grey. The Sopranist Blog Team found it IDEAL to sit down with Thabo, the man behind The Mud Hut I Grew Upon Book and this is how it went down.

Who is Thabo, Prince, Prinzeville?

Thabo Prince Katlholo a self-proclaimed anarchist and an entrepreneur embodies the entirety of a modern artist. A powerful speaker, Novelist, Poet and I aspire to change the game. “One syllable at a time!”

You are a man of many names, which one do you prefer going by and why?
Whichever suits your palate, really! Haha. Mostly family calls me Thabo, My friends call me Prince and those in my poetry circle call me Prinzeville. Basically it depends on the level of relationship we have.
Congratulations on your book, care to take us through it, from inception to completion?
Thank you so much.
The tittle of my book is THE MUD HUT I GREW UPON. This book basically touches on issues that people normally shy away from. I believe that Art is a slippery slope. Most people want only the clean versions of it. All sincerity and no candour. I love candour, I prefer the vile essence of undiluted art. The unregulated freedom to express your inner most perceptions with no holds barred. That is what I’m all about in my book.

Around 2012 after graduation I had an idea to write a history book – I was going to call it “The Nswazwi Dynasty”. Then after long and careful consideration, I realized I needed so much sociology perspective and it would take the longest time to amass such hence I decided to settle for a genre which I was more familiar with. I started doing research mid-2012 and I started writing this book at the beginning of 2014 and eight months later it was published.

What inspired THE MUD HUT I GREW UPON?
I've always known I was going to write a book. For the longest time I struggled between genres. At some point I was writing a biography and some days a motivational book. I blogged a lot so most of it just ended up lost in the digital woods of the internet. Then life came rushing at me, crashing me to a point where I felt like death would have been easier. So Pain, Hardship have been the greatest inspirations to me starting my first published book. The title of the novel itself is derived from that very angle - Hardships builds us.

How many books have you written?
I have written two books. The Mud Hut I Grew Upon and a poetry Anthology titled Beyond the Tropic of Capricorn which is only available on the Blurb Online Bookstore and Amazon.

When did you realise that writing was for you?
From a very young age. I borrowed a Danielle Steel novel: Zoya - from my mother when I was in Standard 2 and read all the 427 pages during the short school break and when I went back to school I wrote an English Composition which my English teacher simply described as “sterling beyond my age”. From then on I started writing stories and poems on old diary books.

How has the reception of the book been?
Considering the genre of the book the support has been nothing short of amazing. Truly. It is available at the University of Botswana Bookstore and Main Mall Book Centre. The book launch is scheduled for March 28, 2015.

What sets your book apart from the other locally published books?
It is thoroughly researched. The great misconception out there is that Fiction writers dwell and depend solely on their imagination. This is far from the truth. The Mud Hut I Grew Upon digs deep into the history of Botswana which is rather swept under the dirty rugs of colonialism. Besides that it predisposes the mindsets of all its readers to the simple fact that the environment we grew up on, or that which we raise our children under goes thousands of miles in shaping our destiny and legacy. It boarders the lines of history; inspiration; controversial issues (rape, murder, prostitution) and poverty.

Besides writing what else does Prinzeville do?
“Prinzeville” is a poet and a blogger ( Thabo Katlholo is a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and currently contracted as a Program Coordinator for an NGO called The Anti Tobacco Network.

On a lighter note though, what do you find sexy in a woman?
The proficiency to hold an intelligent conversation. Nothing is sexier than a woman who can articulately waddle through an array of issues, either politics, relationships, money or whatever is at the table. I can’t stand women whose only conversation element is gossip.

What would you say is most interesting about you?
Nothing really, hahaha. I’m mostly silent. But I guess the allure of mystery interests some people to find out what hides behind the silence. Other than that, I’m just a silent creative who wants his words heard.

What really matters most in your life!?
Family. To see them healthy, wealthy and happy. That’s my ultimate hustle.
I understand you are a father, how has the experience been?
Amazing. I’m blessed with the most amazing women (my daughter and her mother) in my life and they just simplify everything there is to life.

Twitter vs Facebook. And the Tittle goes to…….
            Pssssh.. Facebook is not even worthy. LOL

How have social media impacted your career as a writer and any other endeavours?
Social Media can break or make your career as an artist. On my case, it has opened so many doors for me both as a writer and a poet. Our industry depends largely on reviews and feedback from our ‘customers’ – social media brokers that for us. Additionally it’s one of the most revolutionary marketing platforms ever created. I haven’t found the need to print posters nor do endless public readings of The Mud Hut I Grew Upon because Twitter & Facebook provided a platform for such.

Random, Beef or Chicken?
Chicken. All day every day.

Money or Career?
Money. Money is the current currency of life

What keeps you going, any mantra you live by?
I live by two mantras! “Rise and rise again until lambs become lions conquering lions” and Eric Thomas’s “If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe – Then you will be successful”

Should we expect another book from you anytime soon!?
Definitely. I’m working on a second novel it’s called UnAfrican. Need I say more?

Yes please, share with us, just a little of what to expect from ‘UnAfrican’
It’s a gruesome tale set in an era where Africa is forced to come to terms with what has for centuries been classified as taboos – “UnAfrican”. It tries to conquer the stereotypes surrounding homosexuality, evangelism, fake prophets, HIV/AIDS, and Satanism.

How can people get in contact with you?

If you are interested in getting my book or any other works you can contact me via:
Facebook: Thabo Katlholo
Twitter: Prinzeville

Any last words before I send you off?
BUY my book, hashtag #TheMudHutIGrewUpon! It is available at:
·         University of Botswana Bookstore
·         Main Mall Book Centre
A cold winter is upon us and it will be great company plus it’s an inspiring piece of art you won’t regret. 
Remember: Pain is Temporary.

Thank you for your time, have a great day!
Thank you for the opportunity. God bless. Love your blog by the way, I would love to see it grow and grow. Cheers.

Signing Out
By Lot Lorah & Mr Orsen 
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