My star is one of the longest running music talent show in Botswana, however we have seen so many contestants come and go. Have you ever wondered where all these contestants who didn’t win the competition go? Well I have too, but from time to time I always follow some talent around after the show and yes I caught up with one.
The Sopranist Blog caught up with a young and very talented songstress who captured hearts of many with songs from Leona Lewis, Melaine Fiona just to mention a few during her My Star journey.
She goes by the name Amogelang Moatlhaping simply known as AMO. I bet by now you've seen her back on your TV screens and heard on your radios. This what we talked about.

Photocredit: BD Photography
Thank you so much for taking time to do a piece with us.
Thank you for having me

Briefly tell us who Amo is?
Amogelang is a young lady from a family of 3, 2 brothers and me of course, from Moshupa, however I was born and breed in Mahalapye. I am an upcoming artist and a Business Management student at University of Botswana. I am very passionate about music and everything music.

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?
Focused, fearless and GodFearing
         Not a single minute, hour or even a day goes by without people obsessing about diets, fitness and healthy lifestyles on social media or randomly on social gathering or random chats. Bathroom and Gym selfies are literally shoved in our faces via social mediums such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on a constant.
"Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness." – Edward Stanley.
        With that said, my fellow readers, how do you keep fit and live a healthy lifestyle? What does healthy lifestyle mean to you?
We at The Sopranist Blog decided to take tips from a young entrepreneur lady who her business is in line with staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. She goes by the name Thato Kontle.

Introduce yourself to the readers..
My name is Thato, a 25yr old young woman from Thamaga. I am a driven, passionate and hard working person. I am somewhat reserved and introverted. Young entrepreneur and founder of The Fitness People (TFP).

Would you say you are proud of  what and where you studied?
Yes, I am proud of every institution I have ever been to because they laid the foundation of who I am today. Especially Fit Malaysia where I trained to be a personal trainer and Victoria University where I got my entrepreneurial skills.

I understand you are a Personal trainer, where and when did you get certified?
I was enrolled in a yearlong intense training program with Fit Malaysia called ACE Personal Trainer, and I also underwent training for Pre & Post Natal Training. Adding to my fitness qualification I am a certified Zumba instructor.

The Film Industry in Botswana has drastically changed, from shows such as Thokolosi to Diacha to new shows such as Mareledi, Travelogue, Pula Power etc. One might wonder if the change is a positive or a negative one on our TV station, that alone each individual can tell his or her tale.
The Sopranist Blog team got a chance to chat with one of the people who makes a contribution into the industry, the one and only Tsaone GREEN HOLE Majela. This is how it all went down…

Who’s Tsaone GREEN HOLE Majela?
Tsaone "Green Hole" Majela is a young man who followed his heart and discovered his talent and developed skills in the not so friendly industry, The Film Industry. He is the founder of Green Hole Productions.

Would you say you are proud of all the schools you studied at!?
I am very proud of each and every educational institution that I had the privilege and opportunity to attend because I believe that every experience imparts wisdom and every person can teach you something new and to me, that is Growth. I have met so many people in my journey as a scholar and many are still part of my life and part of my success.