The Fearless Songstress Amo Moatlhaping

My star is one of the longest running music talent show in Botswana, however we have seen so many contestants come and go. Have you ever wondered where all these contestants who didn’t win the competition go? Well I have too, but from time to time I always follow some talent around after the show and yes I caught up with one.
The Sopranist Blog caught up with a young and very talented songstress who captured hearts of many with songs from Leona Lewis, Melaine Fiona just to mention a few during her My Star journey.
She goes by the name Amogelang Moatlhaping simply known as AMO. I bet by now you've seen her back on your TV screens and heard on your radios. This what we talked about.

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Thank you so much for taking time to do a piece with us.
Thank you for having me

Briefly tell us who Amo is?
Amogelang is a young lady from a family of 3, 2 brothers and me of course, from Moshupa, however I was born and breed in Mahalapye. I am an upcoming artist and a Business Management student at University of Botswana. I am very passionate about music and everything music.

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?
Focused, fearless and GodFearing

Most of your fans, myself included, got to know you through our popular local music talent show MyStar, what were you doing prior to MyStar and how was the whole MyStar experience?
Before then I was not doing anything per se, I had just completed my High School so I was just living a normal teenage girl life.
My star experience was challenging, in a good way and taught me a lot. It has unleashed the power and strength in me.

How has life been years later after the show?
It was different the first few months as I was still getting attention and admiration from people who followed my journey but it eventually died out and things went back to normal.

When did you realise that singing was your thing?
I’d say back when I was in junior school, we used to go on school trips and I would sing songs from Brandy, Jordin Sparks and so on and my friends would tell me how good I was, so I want to believe it was then.

What have you been up to lately?
I have been promoting my single WHERE STARS HIDE and trying to get my brand out there, radio interviews, newspapers, TV performances and all platforms presented to me. I am also working on my Music Video which is scheduled to premier real soon, no exact date yet but real SOON.
I have also been working on my ALBUM, which is scheduled to be released towards the end of the year.

Let’s talk about your new single WHERE STARS HIDE, what’s the song all about and where did you draw your inspiration from?
It’s about overcoming life and the obstacles that come with it. I can’t say there was anything in particular I drew inspiration from but life in general inspired me to write the song.

How has the reception been from Batswana?
It’s been great, for a debut single I think it is being received well.

Who did you work with on the record?
I worked with Peabo Mogapi, i wrote the song and he produced. We basically worked as a tag team on this record. Technically, it’s both our baby.

Who are your musical influences?
People like Emeli Sande, Rebecca Ferguson and Brandy.

How do you describe your sound?
It is RnB soul, it can also be described as Acoustic RnB.

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What is your take on the music industry in Botswana?
It’s inconsistent and unpredictable. One minute it is looking good the next it’s just bad. I feel like the reason why we are so inconsistent is because artists don’t work together enough, not in terms of collaborations but just helping each other out, mentorship and the like. We have a long way to go, honestly.

What took you so long to drop a single, almost after 3 years?
I needed to do some self-introspection and understand myself, my sound and what I’m all about. Now I feel I’m ready to do this.

Besides music, what else do you do?
Like I said before, I’m a scholar, I’m studying Business Management at University of Botswana.

What do you think makes a really good relationship that last?
I’m probably the last person to know that…

Is there a lucky man in your love?
Jesus! hahaha

One favourite item that you never leave the house without?

Your favourite holiday destination.
It has to be Bora Bora Island, I would love go to the Island. It sounds exotic

Any of the former MyStar contestants you would love to work with one day and why?
My friend Motswafere because like I always say, he is a Musical Genius.

Who else nationwide or even across the borders would you love to work with and why?
Would love to work with Moneoa from South Africa really soon. I’m her biggest fan.

Where and how do you advertise and market your work?
I share my work with my fans on all Social Media platforms that I am in, Facebook, Sound-cloud.... I am doing radio and newspapers interviews. All these mediums have been really helpful putting me out there.
Photocredit: BD Photography
Now that the single is out and getting the well-deserved airplay, when are we going to get an album from you or maybe the music video to the song?
The Music Video is coming out really soon, we have been working on it since the release of the single. The album will come out end of the year.

Any challenges you face in the industry as a newcomer?
It’s hard when you are a newcomer because you have to prove yourself to people and they need to understand what your sound is all about. Resilience gets me going through all the challenges and obstacles thrown at me.

What’s next for Amo in the next 2, 3, 5 10 years?
I want to push boundaries, go beyond what any young Motswana artist has ever gone.

Any final words of encouragement to the readers and anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps:
Work Smart and be Resilient!!

Get in Contact with AMO:

Soundcloud: Amo Moatlhaping
Facebook: Amo Moatlhaping
Twitter: @Amo_4Real
Instagram: @amo_moatlhaping

Signing Out
By: Mr Orsen
Twitter: @Mr_Orsen  
Instagram : Mr_Orsen 

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