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         Not a single minute, hour or even a day goes by without people obsessing about diets, fitness and healthy lifestyles on social media or randomly on social gathering or random chats. Bathroom and Gym selfies are literally shoved in our faces via social mediums such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on a constant.
"Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness." – Edward Stanley.
        With that said, my fellow readers, how do you keep fit and live a healthy lifestyle? What does healthy lifestyle mean to you?
We at The Sopranist Blog decided to take tips from a young entrepreneur lady who her business is in line with staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. She goes by the name Thato Kontle.

Introduce yourself to the readers..
My name is Thato, a 25yr old young woman from Thamaga. I am a driven, passionate and hard working person. I am somewhat reserved and introverted. Young entrepreneur and founder of The Fitness People (TFP).

Would you say you are proud of  what and where you studied?
Yes, I am proud of every institution I have ever been to because they laid the foundation of who I am today. Especially Fit Malaysia where I trained to be a personal trainer and Victoria University where I got my entrepreneurial skills.

I understand you are a Personal trainer, where and when did you get certified?
I was enrolled in a yearlong intense training program with Fit Malaysia called ACE Personal Trainer, and I also underwent training for Pre & Post Natal Training. Adding to my fitness qualification I am a certified Zumba instructor.

Let’s talk about The Fitness People (TFP), when and how did you started up?
I started The Fitness People in March 2013 when I had just got back from my studying in Malaysia. I have a passion for fitness and health and so I decided to share my passion with others. Also I wanted to share my success story with others, having once been an overweight young woman and managed to loose 20kgs through leading a healthy lifestyle (eating right and lots of exercise) and NOT through diet pills and short term fad diet plans!

Of all the businesses, why a fitness training business?
I came home from studying abroad and was struggling to find a job. And the little time I had spent back home I came to realise that we as a nation were not leading healthy lifestyles. So I decided to turn my passion for life, health and fitness into an employment opportunity not only for myself, but also others like me.

What’s the objective of The Fitness People?
To help people of all ages and gender to meet their fitness goals, and to have a healthier nation.

Who are your most targeted audience?
We work with people with special needs (high-blood pressure, pregnant women, asthmatic, those with sports injuries, mature-age clients and overweight children)

Are your clients long term or short term?
I don’t like to categorise them into a long/short term categories. What I try to do with my clients is to encourage them to maintain a lifestyle change. Such that even after meeting their goal weight, and fitness levels they can still maintain a healthy life with or without our services. Also the term of the program is dependent solely on what your ideal (yet healthy) weight is, and how long it will take us to reach our goals.
People’s bodies are different and we all have differing metabolic rates, thus the time taken to reach “goal weight” will differ from one client to the other. However, I am happy to say, ALL my clients still keep in touch and maintain a relationship with TFP.

What products and or services do you offer at The Fitness People?
We have a wide array of services, which include (but are not limited to);
·         1-On-1 personal training
·         Group training
·         Corporate training
·         Wellness day packages
·         We also offer tailor made solutions to suit the client’s needs.

Do you offer small-group sessions or other services?
            Yes, depending on what the client requires. Group training starts from as little as 2 people. We try to keep a ratio of 1 trainer per 5 participants in order to support clients to keep minimal number of injuries during our workouts.

How do you market your brand and services?
Through radio, social media and corporate presentations. Word of mouth has also worked, where our past & satisfied clients have referred new clients to us.

What is you take on the fitness industry in Botswana?
I am pleased to say the fitness industry in Botswana is growing and becoming more and more competitive. This is a great thing because it means more people are starting to see the benefits of leading healthy lifestyles. The competition also forces me to stay updated with the current industry trends, and enables me to deliver the best products to my clients.

Thato with a client
What is your training style?
High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT.
Since most of our clients have busy work-life schedules, we want make the most of the limited time they have available. HIIT offers such a solution as it incorporates a series of high intensity exercises to target all major muscle groups.

Any challenges you endure as a female fitness trainer in Botswana?
I would not say I have any challenges being a female trainer. Some of my clients actually prefer to have a female trainer. The only challenge I tend to face is that, because I am young, at face value people tend to doubt my capabilities. However once we start, they are pleasantly surprised.
I do not let this put me down however; it motivates me to give my best each time.

What was or is your proudest moment as a personal trainer?
Every time my clients get closer to their objectives. I feel like a proud mother because I know how hard they have worked, I understand how difficult the journey has been, we walked that journey together…I share in their joy and their success J

How do you keep in shape?
I eat healthy, and I work out. I workout with my clients at every session so that provides all the exercise I need as I too have a hectic schedule.

What’s your training philosophy?
Whatever you set your mind to, your body will achieve; Pain is only temporary. I believe there is no such thing as “impossible”.

Are your for or against supplements?
As long as you are taking the correct supplements and for the right reasons. I always advice that people talk to a medical practitioner for advice.

Top 3 things you’d take with for a 2 months’ vacation?
·         My trainers
·         iPod
·         My phone

The Fitness People Team
What do you consider healthy and unhealthy?
·         Making realistic goals
·         A balanced diet plan with regular exercise, and adequate breaks to allow muscles to recover.

·         Fad/crash diets, Diet pills, and ignoring the above mentioned “healthy” regimen. Especially not giving your body and muscles rest time to recover.

Any fitness tips you want to share with our readers?
Drink lots of water! It is important to keep the body hydrated as it has a lot of benefits; i.e. speeds up metabolism, allows body to flush out toxins and keeps the skin glowing and looking youthful.

What can you say to people who want to be entrepreneurs of any sort?
Listen! You need to have great listening skills. Whatever venture you consider, you will need to listen to what your consumers need in order to fill the gap and provide a quality service, listen to receive feedback to help you grow and become better at what you do, listen to experienced players in your industry who will share with you their experience and challenges and how they have managed to overcome them. We live in a world where we work with people and it is very important to listen to others.

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By: Mr Orsen & Lot Lorah
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