Tsaone GreenHole Majela - "I am what would be called a Cinematographer in Asia and America"

The Film Industry in Botswana has drastically changed, from shows such as Thokolosi to Diacha to new shows such as Mareledi, Travelogue, Pula Power etc. One might wonder if the change is a positive or a negative one on our TV station, that alone each individual can tell his or her tale.
The Sopranist Blog team got a chance to chat with one of the people who makes a contribution into the industry, the one and only Tsaone GREEN HOLE Majela. This is how it all went down…

Who’s Tsaone GREEN HOLE Majela?
Tsaone "Green Hole" Majela is a young man who followed his heart and discovered his talent and developed skills in the not so friendly industry, The Film Industry. He is the founder of Green Hole Productions.

Would you say you are proud of all the schools you studied at!?
I am very proud of each and every educational institution that I had the privilege and opportunity to attend because I believe that every experience imparts wisdom and every person can teach you something new and to me, that is Growth. I have met so many people in my journey as a scholar and many are still part of my life and part of my success.

What have you been up to lately?
Lately I have been working on a new TV show with Virgin Brew and Yarona fm, we long finished Signed International with Cow Horn Productions which is now airing for the second time. I also have been making art with musicians in Botswana and South Africa such as Lizibo, Noello, Chrome,Sethunya, Watse crew, just to mention a few. I have also been growing in the field of education as I Lecture in Film and Television.

What is your take on the TV Production Industry in Botswana and where is it headed?
The TV industry in Botswana is growing in terms of awareness by the leadership of the country. They have now started realising what the importance of TV is and they have started to support it. The first Minister to impress me was Rre Kgathi with the creation of Letlhabile Show and his role in it. I have also observed that young Batswana are now going into this industry and many are studying it with excellent institutions such as Limkokwing and AFDA.

Can you tell our readers exactly what you do?
I am a full time TV and film production Director. In Europe I am what would be called a Director of Photography. In America and Asia I am what would be called a Cinematographer. I used to be a Camera man and I grew with my studies into higher fields. I basically direct the Images you see on television.

Green Hole Production Company, how did it all start and how has the journey been from inception until today?
Green Hole Productions was born from Passion. I was a camera man for TrulyAsia in Kuala Lumpur in 2009. We created content for online television and Malaysia tourism. With the passion that I had for cameras since I was 8 years old, I grew into dreaming of having my name on television. Today I see my name every week atleast 3 times a week on the "telly"! I must say My work is exceptional.

What are you most proud of about your company?
I’m proud of my company for keeping a debt free record for 6 years. I am also proud that we did not sink in 2011 when The Ministry of Youth refused to fund us, rather we took it as a drive to learn how to survive. Ga re kolote ope!

How do you promote your brand?
Promotion comes naturally when you are in the television industry, as your name is carried by every product you push. So I may say my work promotes itself.

Where are you based as Tsaone and Greenhole Production?
Our Company is based in Gaborone. Our new office is in Fairgrounds near Gabz FM. Our partnering Office is at Virgin brew studios block 3 industrial. Our brand new office will be in Mafikeng once we finalize space negotiations.

Who have you worked and still working with to-date?
Because of my welcoming nature and will to learn and share, I have worked with almost everyone in this Industry. Thabiso Maretlwaneng CEO Dee Zone, Shike Olsen who is my "bluetooth" mentor since he’s a busy man, I learn from him at a distance. Chengetas Boy productions as we did Mareledi episode 1 to 6 if I remember well, Virgin brew studios and up to date we are together, Igor, Black Heart Films as my baby brother company. Ministry of Health, BTV on silent shout, PSI Botswana, Dialogue Saatchi, Incepta, Vigo, Naledi Motors, Cow Horn Productions on Signed International, Lizibo as an artist, Sethunya as an artist, Chrome, Noello, Mapetla, Groove cartel, Harrison Crump, Wizards of The Desert, Cibil Nyt, Appolo D, Scar, Ozi f Teddy, the amazing Ramos, Rimzy, ATI, Sasa Klass, I have really carried a lot that I can’t mention them all.

What was or still is the highlight of your career and your company?
The highlight of my Company was snatching the Vigo Campaign around the country. I saw my crew growing and enjoying themselves.

What is it about you that people out there don’t know?
What everyone does not know is my background. I am from a very humble background with a small family headed by my Grand Ma' striving to keep us covered, now here I am making her proud. Another thing would be that I’m a strong believer in Jesus Christ.

What are the challenges that you face in your line of work?
Some client's specifications of detail at times are difficult to achieve especially with personal events. It’s something I still find disturbing as it restricts creativity.

According to you, what attributes to success?
Success is achieved when one is first of all, Focused, Passionate and Works smart. Hard work no longer pays, smart work does. I could say my God has carried me all the way.

What are the 3 things you’ll take with you on a 2 months’ vacation and why?
Mmh let’s see, I would carry with me my Camera- to capture every moment. My Boo - what’s a vacation without some love, my Son, he is my Life and motivation, I love him so much, the best friend ever though sometimes he says I am not his friend-  hahahaha.

I understand you are a family man, how has the experience been and how do you balance everything?
I am a family man, it has been my dream since I was a kid watching people around me have life partners and children inspired me. Family is a beautiful gift from above and it’s such a beautiful thing to have and to live for. The experience has been rather amazing and has driven me to work more and have more reason to be alive though things are a bit shaky at times, life Goes On.

What would you do with a Million dollar lottery winnings?
If I win a million dollars I would first of all buy 3 houses in town. Since its dollars I would spend 3 million pula on those houses. Two million on a shopping complex   , 2 million into an offshore account for retirement and trust me I would blow the rest like a normal young man on cars, vacations, clothes and just live my dream by the beaches in Cape Town. Probably shoot a movie while at it.

What is the most expensive thing you’ve bought recently?
The most expensive thing I bought recently was a Piece of land.

Any comments about you studying abroad, Malaysia to be precise?
Enough has been said about Malaysia but studying there was a blessing to me. I grew a lot and I still go there for vacation sometimes.

What keeps you going?
My Son Baone Conrad Jnr keeps me going, I do not want him to sleep on an empty stomach. I dream for him dreams that I used to dream for myself but never came true, I wish and pray to make his come true.  I want him to have a good kick-start in his road to his success whatever it will be. So every move I make I consider him first.

Who would you love to work with in the future and why?
I would love to work with Shona and Connie Ferguson. They have a brilliant vision and dream which I caught at a distance. I would love to make a film with Shike Olson, the man has a brain like none I’ve met locally. No offense to anyone.

What does the future hold for Tsaone and Greenhole?
Only God knows what the future has in store for me, but whatever it is the fact remains I’m a survivor and I’ve been through it all, nothing can stop me. VIB studios and Nagafela creations know what im talking about!

What advise can you give to people who want to follow the same path as you?
My advice to anyone who needs it is that, do not let anyone choose your dreams for you, do not let your dreams die off because they seem too big or too small. Above all do not just dream, Execute or implement your dreams. Always carry a heart full of love and a smile for people, it will take you far as arrogance and pride never built a city.

Email: kingtsaone@yahoo.com 
Facebook Page: Green Hole Majela
YouTube: Kingtsaone1
Twitter: @GreenHoleProduc

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By: Mr Orsen & Lot Lorah
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