Like they always say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Is it how we all see it? Maybe Yea! Maybe Nay!
Capturing moments is what most people live for these days. Owning a camera is a must as well.
Photographers make a living out of it, a very lucrative industry for creative beings who see the beauty in everything through their lenses. Botswana is blessed with a bunch of superbly creative beings making a mark in and around the nation. With the industry being male dominated in Botswana, this young woman is amongst the very few female working so hard to make their mark in the industry. The Sopranist Blog had the privilege to get to know this young lady. Brace yourself The Sopranist Blog readers, this is how it went down.

Introduce yourself to The Sopranist Blog readers and people fond of your work?
Never been any good at talking about myself, which is why I always failed that “Myself” essay through primary school but here is a good shot. I’m woman, drifting between spaces, lover of life and I go by Lorraine Kinnear. I am a little bit of everything between half-ward psychologist, photographer and blogger.

Like they always say, Fashion is Art and it comes from within, its not about who you are wearing but rather how you wear it.
The past few years saw Botswana’s Fashion Industry come to a drastic change, with a bunch youngsters making a huge contribution to the industry. Fashion designers revolutionized themselves, stylists upped their game, models revamped themselves too, bloggers, writers and fashion enthusiast didn't want to be left behind too.
Today we see a lot of young Batswana in the fashion industry traveling and even getting recognition across borders and also given opportunities to work and collaborate with big names and brands outside the country.
Today The Sopranist Blog features a young Blogger who has been in the fashion Industry for quite some time and he is making his presence felt.

Care to introduce yourself? Let the readers out there know who you are.
Photocredit: Brilliant Kodie
My name is Kgosi Jimmy (Jay) it’s a long story haha Sethoko, a simple boy from a small village called Maun, which just happens to be my favourite place in the whole world and a lot of who I am is because of this place and growing up here, it’s a small tourist little town with humble simple people, so a lot of people would have thought I would be more interested in tourism or something and are always shocked when I tell them I am a fashion blogger and wonder how I got interested in it when there is nothing fashion about Maun, I wonder how myself as well  lol, but I guess it’s a passion that’s always been in me and never burned out.