Lorraine Kinnear, A Photographer & Lover Of Life

Like they always say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Is it how we all see it? Maybe Yea! Maybe Nay!
Capturing moments is what most people live for these days. Owning a camera is a must as well.
Photographers make a living out of it, a very lucrative industry for creative beings who see the beauty in everything through their lenses. Botswana is blessed with a bunch of superbly creative beings making a mark in and around the nation. With the industry being male dominated in Botswana, this young woman is amongst the very few female working so hard to make their mark in the industry. The Sopranist Blog had the privilege to get to know this young lady. Brace yourself The Sopranist Blog readers, this is how it went down.

Introduce yourself to The Sopranist Blog readers and people fond of your work?
Never been any good at talking about myself, which is why I always failed that “Myself” essay through primary school but here is a good shot. I’m woman, drifting between spaces, lover of life and I go by Lorraine Kinnear. I am a little bit of everything between half-ward psychologist, photographer and blogger.

Straight to what you do, Taking Pictures, when did you start doing photography and why that path?
I started photography, as photography and not just collecting mood boards or taking picture in the summer of 2013. I was always running a blog L'ECKLECT® and I felt a need for growth, especially in terms of using the best quality images. I had some money saved for when I finish University so I travel but I decided purchasing a DSLR camera was a much closer need at the time so I bought one and after that magic started to happen. Just like that. It was incredible; it was like I now could see so much beyond what I did when I didn’t own a DSLR camera. Actually talking about this makes me a little restless with euphoria.

According to my understanding, there are different types of Photography Style, what styles are you focused on?
I am going to speak honestly; there isn’t a certain style I would settle with. I’m a girl; it takes time for us to decide on anything really. I started off with portrait and it’s not something I could never settle only with that because I also really love fashion photography, I like nature photography, love pets, minimalism... I love a photography style according to how I am feeling at that time, my personal interests change so much and for as long as that keeps happening so will my photography style preference.

Do you take pictures for a living or just as a hobby?
When I first started it was as though it was a hobby, I wasn’t then aware that I could actually make such sellable pieces and now I am at a place where photography is paying the bills. I’m actually now working to have a studio, the whole thing is still at its infancy so I won’t get too much into it.

How is the level of photography in Botswana i.e the Industry?
The industry is also such Ivy League though, recently became part of this Facebook community or Botswana Photography. There’s so many great photographers, which means that the bar is set real high so no time to be slacking on our game. Personally I met a few really good photographers who have also been nice enough to show me a few tricks and tips.

PhotoCredit:Brilliant Kodie
As a young female photographer, in an industry dominated by men, what challenges do you face in Botswana?
The only challenge is not really a challenge; the industry tends to think as a woman you’re not good enough. This makes us work extra to prove them wrong. I find it is pretty nice that we have to exert that little bit of healthy overcompensation for our work. This is another excuse to work extra hard. Why not? J

With a lot of photographers in the country, being it professionals, amateurs etc, how do you set yourself apart from the rest?
I’m firstly set apart by that I am a woman, then also that my photographs don’t go according to the technique, it’s never about the technique… It’s rather about feelings. What do my photos make people feel, I want to be able to tell a story with my photos. They should tell a story about me as a photographer, a story about the subject and what us put together make. I actually put so much emotion into my work.

What does it take for one to become a photographer? Did you go to study photography?
I’m purely self-taught. For me I guess it took my blog slacking images but as for photography in general you don’t need much. Going to school obviously puts you further in terms of being considered more by corporates but you just need a good eye and a camera. I went to YouTube for references mostly and borrowed books at local libraries. I’m in a place to say I’m as good as those people that went to photography school anyways. I’d probably go to photography school to acquire a certificate, and never any real skill or knowledge.

Whom in your career as a photographer have you worked with?
I have worked with the notorious likes of Michael Mba (Mikey S) and Seabe George, and I have been working very closely with sizzling new kid on the block Brilliant Modisa Kodie.

Any moments from your work that you’ll treasurer for the longest time and why?
I treasure almost every moment but highlight of my life was being in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Jo’burg earlier this year! I was sitting with big shot photographers from across Africa. That was so awesome!

Besides photography, is there anything else that Lorraine does?
I’m a collector of things, books, memories, coins among many things. I write a little. I love to travel; such a sucker for festivals, latest obsession is gardening and taking care of the planet. I also still scrap-book, paint a little here and there, doodle a lot.

As a photographer, how do you get people to work with you and what are the requirements?
I usually just scout people on the streets (actual streets or on social media streets), always looking for people with something a little weird about them…in a totally attractive way. Otherwise my email is always open, Facebook page as well. I love to hear people out, work on their ideas…combine with my own. Grow. Grow together.

PhotoCredit:Brilliant Kodie
Where do you draw your inspiration for your shoots?
From everything around me, I walk a lot and see so much great space to use for shoots and also I am on this thing called Tumblr. Inspiraheaven! Conversations as well as television, I try as hard as I can to include my real life experiences in my work. So it isn’t all superficial and not relatable to.

Anyone you’d love to work with in the near future, famous or yet to be?
Steven Meisel. He’s very famous. I would diiiie!

What is your favourite photography accessory?
My hood, never knew what its purpose was until just recently so I’m so hyped about it. Lol

20,000 Pula shopping or a vacation in Bora Bora.?
Vacation in Bora Bora. Duh?
 “Buy experiences, not things”

How do you wind up from a long day?
Yoga then a long playlist of some electric jams…currently love Capital Cities’ I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo

What keeps you motivated in everything you do?
I have this mantra I like to use, “Keep going, no matter how slow, you’ll get there.”
Goals are never hard to reach if you have patience.

How do you push your work and brand?
Let’s just say I have friends in high places. Lol
I try to keep my work at a level where everyone can relate, I think then people develop a genuine likeness for your work and they’ll spread the word.

Where do you envision your work and yourself in the next coming years?
I want to work all around the world, still drifting, still catching feelings everywhere.

If one is interested in your work, how can they get hold of you?
Mobile: +26772924578

Any advice to anyone who would love to follow in your footsteps?
“Just Do It”

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