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Like they always say, Fashion is Art and it comes from within, its not about who you are wearing but rather how you wear it.
The past few years saw Botswana’s Fashion Industry come to a drastic change, with a bunch youngsters making a huge contribution to the industry. Fashion designers revolutionized themselves, stylists upped their game, models revamped themselves too, bloggers, writers and fashion enthusiast didn't want to be left behind too.
Today we see a lot of young Batswana in the fashion industry traveling and even getting recognition across borders and also given opportunities to work and collaborate with big names and brands outside the country.
Today The Sopranist Blog features a young Blogger who has been in the fashion Industry for quite some time and he is making his presence felt.

Care to introduce yourself? Let the readers out there know who you are.
Photocredit: Brilliant Kodie
My name is Kgosi Jimmy (Jay) it’s a long story haha Sethoko, a simple boy from a small village called Maun, which just happens to be my favourite place in the whole world and a lot of who I am is because of this place and growing up here, it’s a small tourist little town with humble simple people, so a lot of people would have thought I would be more interested in tourism or something and are always shocked when I tell them I am a fashion blogger and wonder how I got interested in it when there is nothing fashion about Maun, I wonder how myself as well  lol, but I guess it’s a passion that’s always been in me and never burned out.

As a blogger, can you to take us through your blog?
I’m not a lifestyle blogger or an OOTD (outfit of the day) kind of blogger and there is nothing wrong with that don’t get me wrong, it’s just something I can rule out about my blog, KGOSI on STYLE is a fashion blog that I started a few years ago as a way for me to express myself and love for fashion, a lot of what I would want to read on fashion magazines and other blogs, like style diaries, people who interest me with their work and sense of style, I’m not going to put you in there because you are my friend, you have to catch my eye, and a lot of it is aimed at  showing a side of Botswana and Africa that people don’t get to see, young Africans changing the game in the fashion world.
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When did you start blogging and why of all things a FASHION BLOG?
I first started blogging in 2008 I don’t even remember what the blog was called but that was where it started, then I stopped for a couple of years, about 2 years then I started Free To Be Punk and started taking it seriously because I had a better understanding of what I needed to do to run a successful blog and I had grown as a person and into my style.
I don’t know hey, that’s a question I ask myself a lot but I just love it, I remember watching fashion TV when I was in high school and I used to sketch dresses when I was younger, I mean the back page of YOU magazine with all the red carpet looks was my life, that’s what I looked forward to every week and would get my copy every Tuesday after school it was a tradition haha, and even when putting my clothes on I always paid attention to what went with what and what looked good with what, so I guess fashion was always meant to be, the blog on the other hand came up when I realised we didn’t have a voice in fashion we didn’t identify with, all we were being fed was fashion from the runways of New York, Milan, and Paris, way before London became a fixture in the calendar, it was all Gucci, Prada, Louis, Fendi, FILA, Sean John, Baby Phat Phat Farm and all, all these luxury brands we couldn’t afford or identify with, and there was a group of young kids in South Africa who were killing called The Smarteez and thought to myself, I can do this I can feature people like them who are buying clothes for cheap at vintage stores but are always killing it, that’s what needs to be shown that’s what I want to see so the blog was born and as they say the rest is history.

I got to know about your blog a while back going by the name Free To Be Punk and now its KGOSI on STYLE, can you tell us why the name changes and why such names?
Photo-credit: Brilliant Kodie
When I started my blog I was more into the punk look, skinny jeans chains Mohawks the works (I know haha no evidence shall ever be found) and my friends called me Punkboy, I even had that shaved on the side of my Mohawk but the barber spelt it wrong Punkbyo the horror, I still rocked it anyway, so when I started my blog that’s the point I was in my life and that what I identified with so Free To Be Punk was born.  But as the years went on and I was growing up and my style evolving, I started to feel as if it just didn’t reflect where I was in my life and as a blogger, people started to associate it the blog with being punk, I post articles and would get comments like ‘Great looks but they are not punk’, but I still stuck with it because I was afraid of changing it, I was thinking I’m going to lose an audience, people already identify with the free to be punk name, so I started talking to a few of my friends about my blog growing and changing the name and all, somewhere with it and some weren’t it was 50/50, but I finally put my mind to it and I was ready for growth and reinvention, brands where starting to take notice and I thought to myself if I was a brand would a blog called Free To Be Punk be my first pick, it was very limiting so it had to be done and KGOSI on STYLE was born, it was not easy coming to that name it took me about 3 to 4 months trying to figure out what I want the name to be, it has to be a name that will stay relevant in my life and in my growth as a blogger for years to come so I brainstormed with a few names like Tswana Boy, asked friends on Facebook and my blog followers, but finally I thought it’s a blog that on style and it’s my view point so KGOSI on STYLE represented that perfectly and a new blog name was born.

Do you blog as a hobby or make a living out of it?
It actually started off as a hobby and never thought it would have taken me to where I am today and its gone from being a hobby into my life, it is my 9 to 5, I don’t have other things on the side to keep me busy, blogging is what I do and have dropped a lot and sacrificed a lot to blog, you will get comments like blogging is not a job get a real job, what’s a ‘real job’ anyway don’t look down on me for having the balls to take a risk and chase my dream, you can keep your 9 to 5 I am happy where I am.

What would you say is/was your greatest moment as a blogger to date?
There has been a couple that were out of this world and major but the simple act of walking into the tents at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Jo’burg was the most unreal moment of my life, I was a nerves wreck but was loving every single moment of it, I was finally with people who understand what world I live in, lived for the things I lived for, chatting away being snapped at, it was just exactly what I had dreamt of and reassured me that I chose the right career path.

You got featured on ELLE towards the end of last year as one of the bloggers to watch for in 2015, how did that feel?
It was such an amazing but scary feeling, I thought to myself BEREKA MOSIMANE (in other words you have to work boy) because you can’t slack from here onwards, but most of all it was a dream ticked off my list and only made me want more, it made me want to work even harder so that maybe one day just one day I won’t be a feature but a cover.

How are you setting your blog different from other Fashion BLOGS?
That was never an objective to begin with, I had never thought about that, because I was just focusing on what I love and what is authentic to me, so honestly I’m not doing anything to be different I’m just being me and that hopefully shows through my work and sets itself apart.

What does it take for one to be featured on your blog?
AUTHENTICITY I know that sounds cliché and that word is always being thrown around in the fashion world and when it comes to personal style, you just have to be doing you and killing it you don’t have to be a public figure or recognisable face if you are winning at what you do and I’m into it a feature must happen haha.

Who would you love to feature on your blog (famous, not YET famous or whatever)?
That’s a very tough question there a couple of people who have been in my radar a lot, these 2 guys I have on my Instagram and their style is so fresh and new, it’s a breath of fresh air and I don’t see a lot of people doing what they do and trust me a lot of us are doing the same thing torn jeans, grey tees, camel tones caps kind of look (I call it Kanye Syndrome) and I am a victim too I won’t lie, won’t mention names yet but wait for the blog post. A famous person if I had to pick one would have to be Nicole Richie,  she is so good it’s not even funny, she gets this style thing and she gets who she is and what she wants, I want to be her in my next life so I could have that sense of style haha.

This is random but let’s quickly run through this, EM Models Botswana, what’s your involvement?
Haha!! Very random, didn’t see this one coming. I am a model scout for EM Models, it made sense to me as it is a business that I know very well and know what type of girls can work and can’t work, it’s actually quite exciting.

Besides blogging what does Kgosi love doing?
ADVENTURE ADVENTURE ADVENTURE, there is nothing I love more than an adventure, I love travelling and experiencing new things and cultures, if travelling was a job that would be my dream job, I also love food and love to eat, cooking is one of my favourite things to do I’m not a foodie and don’t expect a food blog from me anytime soon lol.

Your favourite fashion accessory that you never leave home without?
Sunglasses hey, they can take an outfit from bleh to super rad, I think they are actually the most underrated fashion accessory ever, they just give me that extra confidence boost all day every day, when I’m not feeling confident I put them on and I’m out here like braaap braaap braaap.

How is it being a blogger in Botswana?
It is not easy at all, a lot of people and companies still don’t take it as a serious path, they take is more as a hobby so it makes it difficult to get sponsorship locally and that is why a lot of us work with a lot of South African companies. The fact that a lot of our retail stores are originally from South Africa makes it harder for us to collaborate with them in our country as all of the marketing is done in South Africa so financially it’s not easy on us, we pay for everything ourselves, travels, accommodations and the works, so we rely heavily on sponsorships but it is very hard for local businesses to part with money for bloggers.

How do you push your brand?
A lot of it has to do with the work speaking for itself, I’m a huge believer in if you are doing something right people will stand up and take notice and will want to be a part of that brand. I’m also always in contact with a lot of companies especially apparel companies trying to figure out how we could collaborate and help each other out which has been helping a lot and have seen certain huge South African Apparel & Clothing companies starting to follow me on Instagram which means they are watching and noticing, so whatever I am doing seems to be working just fine.
Photos-credit: Brilliant Kodie

As a fashion blogger any challenges that you encounter and how do you go about dealing with them?
There are challenges in every field of work, so I never really pay too much attention to the challenges and don’t spend too much time dwelling on them, the one that I can say really bothers me is the idea of ME ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!!! We talk about collaborations and all but when it comes to doing it some bloggers choose to be about the ME ME ME. I’m a huge believer in supporting one another and standing together to succeed where past generations have failed and it saddens me when I see that spirit and sometimes turns me into an angry person because I don’t understand why it has to be like that.

Where do you see yourself and your blog in the next 5, 6 or even 10 years or more?
Fashion director & Buyer for Dazed and Confused magazine or I:D magazine ELLE Hommes Africa anyone ??? So the style magazine Gods need to be listening right now hahaha, laws of attraction right so wink wink nudge nudge!!

Photo-credit: Brilliant Kodie
Any words of wisdom to the reader?
Keep chasing, Keep believing, it won’t happen overnight but never give up, it will start working out if you stick to it.

In closing, how can one get hold of you?
You can email me at
Follow me on Instagram @kgosijay
Follow me on Twitter @kgosijay
Like my page on Facebook at KGOSI on STYLE

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